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Of Distress stains and other old things

I finished my page. In the end I decided that using very old supplies is a good plan in this junk journal. I figure I can try out ideas and then once I feel I am to a point that I can say “Well, yes, that works!” I can bring the tools, supplies and techniques to my proper art journal. I started my selecting a random box of stuff off the shelves yet to be organized.

An interesting conglomeration of scappy debris was what I discovered. I sorted thru it and picked out some stuff I felt would “go” with my weird page, with the faded and in some cases transformed Distress Stains.

I think most of it went colour-wise, rather than …. I don’t know, matching the FEEL of the page, which was (ha, ha) distressed and grungy. I further refined the selection and began building a collage cluster.

I liked that a lot but I wanted a way to incorporate the collage bit into the page a bit better. I toyed with somehow smearing a little gesso along the edges but didn’t want to detract from the collage itself.

I ended up adding some paint pen doodles to it, in the same colours as the background. That made it feel a little more in keeping with the background. I also doodled a bit on some letters I grabbed from my huge stash of chipboard alphabets and…

The XOXOs were rub-ons – good lord do I have a LOT of rub-ons, and they seem to work really well on painted backgrounds. I will sort them out sharpish cause I can see using them a LOT on future pages. I’m still not sure how well the cluster goes with the super-grungy background, but it is much more integrated that it was at first. Something to play with for sure.