Distress Stains do NOT age well – the danger of supply hoarding

I was missing my experimental journal – the one with a single part-finished page needing completing (the frequently referenced Good As Hell page) – and wanted something to work in. Something no precious, where I could truly experiment. Somehow, following a YouTube rabbit hole, I came across Kim Dellow’s blog. She was new to me, although I am pretty sure at some point I admired a stamp set she designed. Having seen her on YouTube, there is much that is inspiring there. One of the things I loved was how she uses old flyers and leaflets as junk journals. That fit the bill for me. I had a scour and I found a few possibles. Heavy weight paper, not too big, perfect. I also came across a pile of old Vamp Stamp News issues that are on heavy, not-glossy paper, and they will be great for future journals (all the issues are, I believe, online now.)

The Southwest Coaches leaflet is really a nice size and has lots of pages. The watch booklet was an insert in Wired, also very thick, glossy, but larger. I went with the smaller one for my first go.

I slapped some gesso on a two-page spread. I dragged out my bottles of Distress Stain.

Why Distress Stains? Well, watching another random video while treadmill walking, I heard that they were being discontinued. I don’t think I have ever used more than a tablespoon of any of them – indeed a few were still factory sealed. I figured I might as well have a go with them and see if I had been missing out all these years. Yea, No.

I had a go over the gesso, splatting on various colours. Huh?

I had, I thought, a pretty good range of colours – reds, pinks, purples, yellow, green….but I was NOT getting a range of colour on the page! I decided to swatch them

Holey crow! Worn Lipstick is…yellow. Fired Brick is greenish-brown. Dusty Concord is teal. The others are close-ish to the stated colour but all more drab. Is this WHY they were discontinued? Because they are not “shelf stable” for long enough?

I guess I now have to re-think my page. It sure isn’t going they way I had planned, so I am going to have to go another way. But which way?I think the moral of the story is don’t hoard your supplies. It might be they are best when they are fresh!