Little Book project form my painted papers

I had fun with this. I have been thinking that I should do more actual mail and less email for things like birthdays and the like. Also just sending mail in general, to brighten up someone’s day. And I thought of the old Birthday Book idea – a book to house all the birthdays across the year to remind yo to make and mail a card. So I decided to make a small one, using the scan of my painted paper. My teaser from yesterday:

As I linked, the idea was on Angela’s blog originally, although I have seen it before, years ago, in a mixed media class from … Interweave, I think it was. Basically you can take any rectangle of paper – my paper was A3 but I printed the scan as borderless A4, twice.

It is just a few folds, one cut and then some strategic glueing – at least my version is like that. I think the original creates 8 pages in an accordion style where mine makes 5 leaves in book style. Let me explain.

First fold your paper in half, both lengthwise, then open and fold in half widthwise:

Next, fold the sides in to the middle to make a total of four columns and two rows, or eight sections – the brown lines are the previous folds, the white lines the new folds

Make your single cut, along the centre line but only until the beginning of the last (fourth) section

Fold the final section so the “pages” are back to back like so:

I chose to re-fold the scores and glue the pages to create a booklet. I then made a second and glued the first page from one and the last page from the second together to make a thicker booklet:

Hopefully that makes sense.

So the other day I had a request to re-do and old (2015) calendar for 2021. In looking back thru my files I saw a 2021 one-sheet calendar that I thought had the right sort of colours to work with this booklet.

I printed it and cut apart the month blocks to use on the pages, along with one of the journaling block stamps I unearthed the other week.

You can see they work nicely on the booklet from an A4 sheet. I also printed the painted paper scan 2-to-a-page to make the cover.

I messed up the first January and my second attempt I printed the 2020 version – I do NOT want to revisit that year for sure. My final booklet does have the correct month on it. And now the download is only the 2021 calendar so you can’t make the same mistake I did LOL!

Just the cover to decorate. I’ll make sure I get it done before WOYWW 😀

This has been fun – I will do it again, I’m sure, and have lots of ideas for the sheets I make – although I love using them as printed versions so I get to keep the originals. A Hoarder, you say? ME? nahhhhh.