WOYWW 603 – shocking, really.


Ha. I did say it was shocking, but in a different way than you might have expected. Happy Clean Desk WOYWW, y’all! I even managed to scrub all the gunk off my pink self-healing mat. The X you can see in on a clear mask, cut to match a Dina Wakely chipboard shape. I keep losing track of it, being clear and all. The little journal that I made from a Roben Marie class is there, and it is going to become a very specific journal for 20201. More on that in the future. Oh and the Fude Ball black pen. Love it cause it writes on ANYTHING, but wish it were permanent.

And it isn’t just this desk.

Even my computer desk is mighty tidy. On the left you can see The Moth – I was hunting up one of my favourite stories, Lego Crimes, to listen to while I cleaned. It’s not long and it makes me smile. I can get lost in that site, listening to the stories, some funny, some sad, some uplifting, some tragic – all true, told by the people who lived them. I also listened to the most haunting story, so tragic, so unbelievable I won’t link it. I will tell you it is called It Wasn’t Enough by Charlene Strong, and it resulted in a change to the laws (this was before marriage equality) and a documentary. It made me cry.

Back to desks – my gel printing desk, and to the side where you can’t see (above and below) my Cricut cutting desk, both are also very neat. I have a die cut that I am experimenting with, maybe to stick into my journal as a see thru lace page. I’m not yet convinced I want to cut into a page that is sewn in, which is why I’m playing with a tape-in-between option. I am contemplating doing something with the circle layout to the right as well, as another lace page idea, if I get over my hesitation.

Over where I do my die cutting and embossing is a standing desk. It has been completely taken over by gift wrapping stuff.

So that is me this week. Nothing really exciting, maybe just what you would expect this close to Christmas. And speaking of,

Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

(DOH! Completely forgot to add my shout-outs to those I can’t comment on! Lillian B. has fab cards almost every week and Wipso and Twiglet are inspiring if needle arts are your thing. )

26 thoughts on “WOYWW 603 – shocking, really.

  1. OH tidy tidy desk, my kinda gal! Wish I had a pink cutting mat. Had mine for simple ages and its the basic green which was all they sold back in the dark ages LOL.
    Have a Happy Christmas, Love BJ#17

  2. I am totally impressed with how clean and tidy you are today Mary Anne 🙂 Merry Christmas! ~Stacy #33

  3. You are very techie Mary Ann with all your computer stuff, I’m very impressed haha.
    Have a wonderful Christmas break and stay safe.
    Here’s to 2021 being a year for us all getting together
    Lynn #23 xx

  4. Ooh my goodness, this is soooo tidy. I first thought I’d clicked on the wrong link! I watched a few YouTube videos on gell printing as I’d been away from blog land for so long I didn’t know what it was…hubby said, if you want some gell go get it. (Then as an after thought) There’s gellatine in the cupboard! Any way I asked at my local stationary come crafty shop and she didn’t know either, so I’ve decided I’m having a go in the New Year. Listened to ‘It’s Not Enough’ a very teary story. Makes you think. Oh and I liked your not inches / twinkies? The glittery tissue was the best idea! have a great week, Merry Christmas, Stay safe, happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #24

  5. My word your room certainly is “mighty tidy” this week, Mary Anne! Perhaps you’d better come down here to Devon and have a blitz on mine – if you can get in the door, that is! All my big wool boxes are still down (too much hassle lifting them up and down when I’m in the middle of yarn projects) and the place is a total tip! I managed to clear a square inch or two to make the Celtic Knot card, though! – and actually managed to lay my hands on my Distress Oxides! Sorry I didn’t thank you properly for the enabling – I couldn’t remember who it was, and after I’d spent over half an hour trying to find out, I gave up! They are gorgeous stencils and I’m going to enjoy getting a lot of use out of them. I love mandala-like shapes – circles are always so pleasing, I think. Thank you for your kind words about my blog – so glad you find it entertaining! My hubby is thrilled with his new umbrella and just needs a chance to show it off now!

    Have a lovely Christmas, and happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #25

  6. Very impressed Mary Anne, lovely tidy desks. I’m here at last after a busy day as the washing machine is feeling poorly and the second guy has been out to try and fix it and we think he has now found the problem but can’t complete the job until the new year. Following his visit we went to pick up the Christmas order from the supermarket. Pleased it was just a pick up as the store looked really busy. Wishing you the best Christmas possible. Hugs, Angela x10x

  7. You look to be very organised this week, perhaps it is the4 word “Christmas” that is making you so. I love the clean pink board – can I send milne to you for a clean please?
    You are welcome to a slice of my fruit cake as it certainly does not have cherries in – I have just got marzipan on it now so the icing still has to be done but I heed to wait a few days yet.
    Have a Wonderful Christmas – Stay Safe and Well
    Neet 8 xx

  8. Gosh you have more desks than me and tidy as well. Wonder how long before they are filled with crafty items. Merry Christmas. Ani

  9. Hi Mary Anne – my first thought was where is everything? It’s good to have a tidy desk – makes crafting a pleasure. I haven’t heard of Lego crimes – I’ll look it up later. And I don’t have any idea on The Moth! A stand up desk would be perfect for me, but I don’t have the space in my craft room. Unless I re-arrange it again – and then Mr M will probably threaten me with divorce papers lol. Present wrapping is on my agenda for tomorrow- I will take over the dining room for the day and play cheesy Christmas songs. Have a lovely Christmas, enjoy your tidy desks (while it lasts 😊) Heather xx #30

  10. Such organized areas….it’s great to come to a refreshed area and dive in. Thanks for sharing all the spaces. Enjoy WOYWW and Wishing You and Yours a wonderful Christmas time.

  11. You are so kind to answer all my questions- I did wonder if I was over the top! Thank you very much, you are so helpful xx Angela #19

  12. I love the” mighty tidy” work areas this week! Terrific to have it all clear and ready for the next bit of inspiration to hit. Enjoy the wrapping and the Holiday ~ Love, Karen #32

  13. WOW !!!! How long will it stay like that I wonder. Thank you for all your emails. I have enjoyed reading them. Have a good Christmas and keep safe.

  14. I was almost at this point over an hour ago. I sidetracked to see if I could find Roben’’s journal, watched a few journal tutorials, then went off to watch a few animal stories, then lunch, a quick look over your older posts and here I am 🤣. Forgot to say, I love the eyes on your owl, is that the moth at the back? What are Lego Crimes? Did you mention bone density scans the other week? How did it go? I was borderline for several years before I got my diagnosis. Must get on to the next desker:). Have a great Christmas and a Covid free new year x Angela #19

  15. Wow, very tidy! You have a lot of desk! Merry Christmas and God bless!
    Carol N #29

  16. I have serious clean desk envy! It just looks so inviting to mess it up LOL! Mind you. last January, when I did clear my desk, I didn’t touch it for a whole month trying to keep it that way! You’re way into the future with a journal for 20201 LOL! I love Roben Marie and I can’t wait to see where you take that journal! Happy Christmas, Mary-Anne! xx zsuzsa #21

  17. It’s all looking lovely and clear, but what a lot of desks you have – it must nice having all the space to work in. Love the die cut, what a great pattern and it looks particularly good in black against the white.
    Have a lovely Christmas, stay safe and well,
    Diana xx #18

  18. Thought I’d come to the wrong place for a moment, your desks aren’t usually quite so tidy! In fact your computer area looks more like mission control, lol!! I like the baroque die cut, very elegant and the circles are fun but I wouldn’t know where to start….I find circles hard to work with for some reason. Weird!
    Have a lovely Christmas amidst all the madness.
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  19. Happy Christmas and wishing you everything you wish yourself, your desk is nice and tidy and waiting for you to start again,

  20. Impressively tidy desks Mary Anne. Hope all the wrapping is done soon. Merry Christmas and here’s to a better 2021 for all. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #11

  21. Morning Mary Anne, your creative space is ready and waiting for you to create more magic.. i’m more shocked at the paint brush sitting in the water hee hee!! Your so lucky to have all those other little designated areas, I really need to get a hold on that in the new year. Take care of that fude ball, they are a journallers best buddy. Seasons WoywW Greetings Tracey #6 x

  22. Don’t usually like a clear desk… worries me!! On this occasion, I love them all, so much hard work, priorities al right and your photos have a real feel good factor, love’em!!!
    Have a great crafting Christmas and see you on the other side….

  23. ps I had not heard of The Moth. Thank you for the link. Started listening already and it is fabulous. Ali x

  24. Happy WOYWW. Your tidy desks make me very happy. I particularly like your wrapping station. I take our Christmas wrapping paper storage bag and my Christmas stash box (which also contains the storage box with the pen/tags/Christmas washi tape etc) downstairs to the dining room, where I can wrap sitting at the table and watch some YouTube normally. Hopefully hubby will get my presents wrapped today and then I can tidy that up by bringing it back upstairs. Lots of possible project options going on. I have lots of projects in my head, but they often stay there! Enjoy your Christmas. Ali x #5

  25. Morning Mary Anne. Wow! Such neatness – I’m afraid mine will have to wait until tomorrow. Looks like you are all organised for Christmas.
    Have a really precious Christmas Day. Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  26. Hi, Mary Anne and Merry Christmas! you have far too many desks and far too tidy, but well done on getting them like that (albeit briefly I am sure!) take care and stay safe. Helen #1

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