Something to look forward to – a book gift


As you may have read, my daughter is disabled. She has learning difficulties as well as physical ones. She does pretty well in life, but as is true of ALL of us, but perhaps more so for people like her, the whole Covid-world, lockdown, social distancing thing is a struggle. She is FINE with masks, and even asked for some more for Christmas – thank goodness. But not getting her usual, if occasional, retail therapy, has been hard.

I thought, now the vaccine in “here” – if not actually HERE in our house yet – I would make her a little riff on the old coupon books, with a list of some of her favourite treats that are out and about. Just to give her something to look forward to.

The whole thing is based on my Hungarian Map fold book, which you can find here.

Slightly crap photo – using a paper pad I loathe, but she really likes cause it is butterfly heavy. I might have even bought it at her request, but it’s been ages so I can’t be sure.

You can see how the Hungarian folds, stuck back to back, fan open when you open the book.

I won’t bore you with all her favourite things, but there is some shopping, some cinema, some dining out…luckily one of HER favourites is one of MY favourites.

and her disability skating group, which is open but is a 2 hour drive (each way) and space is limited to maintain social distancing. We’ve opted to let those who are closer claim a spot. But she REALLY misses it, perhaps even more so the shopping and eating out.

Perhaps the very last thing she did was take part in the international Synchro skating competition at Sheffield – or was it Nottingham? Can’t recall, but I do recall they considered cancelling it as Covid was beginning to spread. I feel we dodged a bullet there, and had we had any idea how bad things would get, and how fast, we would have given it a miss!

So all very sparkly and full of butterflies and I hope she really likes it. And I simply cannot WAIT to get out and do all of these things with her. 2020 has been a black hole and the sooner we can be done with it, and put Covid, if not behind is, at least far, far to one side, the happier I will be.

5 thoughts on “Something to look forward to – a book gift

  1. Oh wow that is a brilliant idea and gives hope and the excitement of anticipation too.

  2. I’m so late to WOYWW that I’m commenting here instead. First off, I don’t do butterflies – at least, not at all often, but like you, if someone likes them, I would use them! I like the idea of the ‘something to look forward to’ promises, it certainly will help. Your Christmas decorations look gorgeous, I LOVE that you haven’t changed the front doors to a matching pair!!

  3. that is absolutely beautiful

  4. this is so you and she will love it.

  5. Love this idea x

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