More Christmas tags!

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My friend has a specific punch (hers is the Vaessen Creative XXXL) and I offered to size my Elf feet tags to fit the punch exactly. She tested them and it works great. The trick is to positiong the feet in the bottom right corner with just the barest sliver of white space. Maybe the photo she shared will help?

I have done a couple more sets as well. The elf tags to fit this specific punch look like this – of course you can cut them by hand if you like! I really packed them in, because I had the advantage of knowing the specific diameters of the punch they were meant for. 18 tags to a sheet! Grab this set here.

The next set also fits the punch. These print just the front of the tag – you can write in the TO and FROM on the back. Gnomes are so cute right? Get that sheet here.

I oriented the images on all the tags very specifically, so the punch can punch efficiently – you SHOULD be able to punch all of the outside images and only fiddle with the two in the very middle. Well, that was the plan, anyway.

OK so the last set is based on some Banksy artwork. I did a little research on copyright for this one. I think I am OK in adding them, especially for free, for your personal use only. While Banksy supposedly once said Copyright is for Losers! I was hoping for something more solid than that by way of permission. But the recent court case is confusing at best. So I’m adding them here. If that is wrong, I imagine I’ll hear about it.

I am unlikely to start designing tags to fit a huge range of punches, so don’t ask. Unless of course you want to send me the punch LOL! I got my mate to bring hers over so I could use it to test out the placement. I tried doing it from measurements and it was never quite right. Just letting you know….

One thought on “More Christmas tags!

  1. Fabulous tags especially the panda ones.

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