Tired of waiting…inching towards GOOD


I am tired of waiting for the toddler-in-chief to stop his silly games. I decided I am going to inch towards Good as Hell. So I began a page. I had already done some collage and a little gesso and am slowly adding colour with a small brayer. Starting with warm tones. Yellow:



Then some neon orange that I made into a spray.

I just added a bit of the paint, some glaze medium and some matt gel medium. Threw in a few beads to the bottle to help mixing. It works OK.

I’ve got a few bottles that I mixed up like this and they all work pretty well. Over time they may clog but not there yet! I am keen to get on cause I have a plan and I think it is going to be a good page.

Just freakin’ CONCEDE already, will you? {sigh}

2 thoughts on “Tired of waiting…inching towards GOOD

  1. Yes Concede already and leave us all in peace and sanity!


  2. Love the phrase “toddler in chief”!!!! My new yorker mate works in a TV news station and is literally pulling his hair out, every day I wonder what “joy” twitter will bring!! 😉



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