Book done!


Finished the book from Roben-Marie’s free class. I am sure I will use this binding method again in the future! Very simple and effective. I love how the pages open up so flatly and fully.

This is the inside cover on the left, the first signature on the right.

The binding is clever, although I would make a small change next time. Rather than creating the signature (made up of a folded sheet filled with loose-leaf sheets, not additional folded sheets!) and sticking it into the spine, I would stick all the loose sheets in and complete the “signatures” THEN stick them in to the spine. You may just need to sign up and watch the construction to get what I mean – it’s hard to explain!

It is only the outside wrap of the loose pages that gets stuck into the book. The rest of the binding is all tape. Strong, reinforced tape, but tape nonetheless. On one page I did cut the tape in half, thinking I didn’t want to obscure too much of the page, but then forgot to keep doing it. I would def. try that next time. Don’t think I photographed that smaller tape strip either – but the tape is 2.5 inches so cutting it in half lengthwise will work, I’m sure.

Just a few shots of the various junk pages…

The one on the right below is a sheet from the Waitrose newspaper, a desk cover to catch over-spill, with a gesso stamped image or two to brighten it up. I just stuck the two sides together to make it more sturdy – I really like how it looks!

I didn’t add the tape between the stuck signature wraps. I might still go back and do so, not sure yet.

Now the real question is what to do with it? It feels like maybe a Gratitude journal, full of uplifting quotes, might be an idea but frankly, as the election results drag on, and the psycho toddler-in-chief refuses to concede, and my Good As Hell journal page gets delayed again and again, I kinda feel like a RAGE journal is more likely. But there are dozens of pages in this book, and I am just not sure I can sustain my rage for that long.

Who am I kidding? I have FOUR YEARS of pent up rage to let out! LOL!

Time will tell….

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