Saving a page in my art journal


It is totally heartbreaking when you make a background for a page that you LOVE and then have a so-called brilliant idea that you think is going to do justice to that background and instead it totally bollocks it up. Remember this background?

Love it. almost just left it as it was for a bit longer but I got a new stencil I was DYING to try and I was pretty sure it would look stunning over this. Yeah, not so much….

Maybe you can see that I tried to salvage it by drawing around the stenciled areas with a white paint pen, hoping that might make it pop out from the background a bit better, but it didn’t help. What to do but weep.

I had seen various videos about salvaging a page by masking off an area then painting out the whole background black, so just a bit of the ugly page showed thru, but that wasn’t really what I wanted – I loved every inch of the background, it took ages to do over multiple days, and I didn’t want to sacrifice any more than I had to. I considered painting the whole image area black them stenciling over it with white, but wasn’t sure that would look like I wanted. Then I had the idea to cover the stencil with one of the colours from the background and then stencil over it with black again.


I wish the pink, which I mixed, was slightly warmer, to better match the pink in the background – it is more obvious in the photo than in real life, I think. I already know 100% that I need better lighting in my craft room. The combo of it getting dark early, my aging eyes, and the rubbish lighting means no crafting after dark if I want anything like a good colour match LOL!

Still slightly obsessed with the election, and trying to hold the words on the page to heart….

3 thoughts on “Saving a page in my art journal

  1. Oh wow – good save!

  2. Sometimes it’s not just a narrow outline that’s needed–painting it out in a lighter colour to make it pop is not so much different than adding an outline wide enough to fill the bridges. Good save! And I LOVE the quote; it’s especially appropriate to remember during all of this post-election period, with the way Trump’s throwing his toys out of the pram. I don’t need to waste the time and energy on arguing that the only election fraud they’re likely to find is by Republicans, who are just unhappy with the results and trying to find any excuse why they still lost even with gerrymandered districts, voter ID laws, reduced numbers of polling places, trying to delay mail-in ballots, and encouraging armed groups outside the polling places to intimidate those likely to vote for anyone but Trump. Truth will out, and I’m certain history will eventually be able to prove his lies and self-dealing beyond anything Trumpers can mentally deny; in the meantime, I won’t be further damaging my health with the stress of trying to argue with people who ignore facts and logical arguments in favor of a conspiracy theory and a con man’s lies.

    As far as the colour matching goes, I find that I need a high-CRI bulb to be able to match colours well. Amazon carries inexpensive ones here in the US that work well for me, and the UK site seems to have a similar variety. If you’ve got US-standard medium Edison bases on any lamp you own, they’ve got a pair of CRI 98+ bulbs for 12 pounds.

  3. There are no mistakes… you’ve certainly proved this saying!
    That page is stunning. So much better with the pink solid background. Well done you!!

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