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Not my idea. I get frustrated by the YouTube algorithm cause unless I save something after watching, I find it hard to find it again, especially if I watch a video in a blog post and not on the platform. My problem, I know, but it would be nice to at least link to the original one I saw. Anyway, I do know my take on it is a bit different so here we go…

I took the basic Amazon book mailer (mine is the 6 inch wide one) and did a minor surgery on it.

VERY minor – I removed the tear-open strip LOL!

The original I saw utilized the flaps that secure the book as pockets. For me, I saw no need for pocket – this journal will not have loose pages and it isn’t a planner style journal. I glued them down flat to make a more solid cover. I cut the little triangle to fill the notch.

This is very much a departure. What I learned from making the first one of these is that the cardboard is more flimsy than you expect. I also think adding layers over the area that becomes the spine to reinforce it makes it pretty stiff and bulky. So I began by lining all the larges areas with cardstock. I used white, but I could have been frugal and used large scraps of scrapbooking cardstock (of which I have PLENTY) instead.

I left the spine area free. In the end I cut out the area I will use to sew in the signatures and replaced it with mat board. I get that this is no less work than creating a journal from plain bits of heavy cardboard (and may be more) but it IS reusing something instead of trashing it or recycling it in a way that requires more resources.

Then I covered the whole of the covers with collaged book pages a PVA. The final coats are first gesso then mat medium – I prefer to use the cheap, strong PVA where it really doesn’t matter!

I also used a circle cutter circle to round flap nicely.

I then covered the spine area and a bit onto the covers with canvas, inside and out, both the replaced spine AND the small area for the flap. That makes it both strong and flexible. A winning combination. I had an old, stained and damaged pre-stretched canvas from The Works that I used for that.

I used both PVA and a bit of the old tape runner to make it really secure!

One thing to check is that the smaller spine, where the flap folds over? Make sure it allows for the thickness of the added signatures. The first one worked cause the pages were very narrow. This one the pages were pretty much the full width. I used watercolour paper from an old pad, A3 size, cut down. You will see I already made a small journal with the offcuts produced by cutting down the full sheets to the right size for THIS journal. See that here. It looks like this:

It’s diddy, only 5 x 6 inches, but I think it will be fun.

So the last bit is the decorating and adding a closure but cause this is super long already and my patience with the stupid new WordPress editor is at the very end I’ll stop here and show that in another post!

2 thoughts on “Art journal from Amazon mailer

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  2. This is great, thanks. So many Amazon packages, so little time! Super instructions, and pictures. I’m just getting my feet wet with WordPress so I am admiring your skills on several levels 🙂

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