WOYWW 595 DIYing like mad


Howdy Y’all and Happy WOYWW again.  After a pretty tiring week up in Salisbury, I am now playing the waiting game to see how much of an improvement I get from the treatment.  It wears me out, but probably just the early rise, long drive, and stress of leaving the house LOL!

Let’s see.  What is on my desk this week? First let me show my head-swap from last week.  Quite pleased with the results.  Hard to read but the stamped image says Your Artistic License has just been revoked.

MOSTLY what is all over my desks are bits and pieces of various things I have been creating. It isn’t very taxing or time consuming, so easy enough even when I don’t feel up to doing much. I grabbed a few magazines at the hospital shop, and cut out a few silhouettes that I think will work on journal pages.

I am always looking for an interesting outline that I can use.  The ladies faces are line drawing I converted into stencils.  I’ve used them, they are OK, once you fill in the bridges (gaps in the lines) that keep the whole inside from falling out in one blob.

Here is a trio of pages where you can see one of them

Both quotes (Hey, hey, hey now don’t be mean and Mystery is the source of all true art and science) are from a movie, although as the tiny little line of text says Einstein expressed the sentiment, but Buckaroo (Banzai) said it better. Love that movie SO MUCH. You will also see another movie line in the stencils I cut here:

No matter where you go, there you are. The blacked out bit is another quote, Creativity takes courage.  Matisse, not Banzai in this case! Another conglomeration of stencils.  I have used the weird arcs and the glyphs and the globe and the quote.  I have a plan for the circuit board too – oh and the cluster of roses I used on the journal cover.  

I cut some stamps out of fun foam, from a die. What I love about that process is depending on whether I cut from the foam side or the backing paper side, the stamp orients a different direction. So every time I can cut a mirror image if I want.  Looking forward to testing that out!

Looking forward to testing this one out as well.  I think it is going to look fab. 

Lastly, anyone want to swap for a stencil?  I ended up with FOUR of these (don’t ask) and while I do really like the images, I do NOT need four of them.  They are 5×5 inches. Got a mistakenly bought duplicate you want to trade? Leave me a comment, and I’ll get in touch. 


I did well last week, visiting every desk, commenting where I could, and saw lots of fun and amazing art.  I have missed this and am glad I have been able to join in. Here’s hoping the IVIG really takes and I feel like dancing in a month. Will there be dancing on the WOYWW 600 Zoom, I wonder?  Oh dear!

20 thoughts on “WOYWW 595 DIYing like mad

  1. Hello Mary Anne! I am blown away by the cutout of the lady in your journal. That is a brilliant idea. I am just falling back in love with my stencils and dies and your works are inspirational. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Belinda #30

  2. The head swap works a treat…well done, proving your tenacity once again. The after effects of the transfusion are obviously slow, hope you feel better daily. I’ve been in a situation where I felt less bad on a day to day basis and then one day it changed to starting to feel a bit better everyday. It’s slower than you want, believe me, and be patient! Loving the outline head stencil, clever you. All of you journal typed use masses of stencils, I have about four to my name and two of those are alphas!! Great to see your desk in full swing, you get so much out of the prep by using all your skills that actual pages are bound to be a great finish! Thanks for your offer with Zoom, I think I’m doing the right thing, if not, you’ll hear from me again!!

  3. Your journally looks fab as ever, and my what a lot if stencils. I haven’t made any stamps from foam for ages… going round these desks does revive memories and inspire to new ideas!
    Take care and stay safe
    Chrissie #21

  4. Loving your homemade stencils and silhouettes.
    Happy WOYWW #BJ

  5. Yes! I did find loads of things very interesting. I found some of my freebie stencils only the other day and had a ‘play’ They really can be a bit of fun. My Uncle inlaw always used to say, Before you know where you are, you’re there’ or something like that. My saying, and often left on notes for hubby, is, If I’m not in, I’m out. But my other quotes mostly come from Buffy The Vampire Slayer…or Robin Hood. Look forward to seeingwhat you get up to by next week. Happy Stenciling

  6. A highly creative post, Mary Anne, and I love your use of stencils. I hope your treatment is helpful for you. Thank you for your visit – glad you enjoyed it! I am glad the info regarding resistant starch was of interest. Type 2 diabetes can be completely reversed if you adopt a whole-food plant-based diet – there is plenty of well-attested evidence for this online. It’s funny how we can get attached to certain things like mugs and glasses, isn’t it. I would be heartbroken to break my favourite mug with fun cats all over it, which I only use for my breakfast coffee. Nobody else is allowed to touch this mug!!! I am sad about Granny’s glass and could kick myself for being so clumsy. Ah well, such is life. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the kitties, and my latest tiny carpet.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #14

  7. Thanks for popping by Mary Ann. Sadly that wasn’t the response I wanted from you. Waiting for me to sort out the journal…. What’s that about? I have found a Youtube vid that demos the very thing by Nina Ribena or a similar name. Defo Ribena. I’ve saved it for when I’m feeling creative.

    Loving your creations with stencils. I laughed at the thought of patients flicking through the magazines and finding holes in the pages cause you’ve snipped out the pictures. You little tike, you!! Love the results though. I too love stencils but have no swops. I do have an extra Groovi star plate that I bought in a panic buy when Clarity had a sale. School girl error. Now I’m fastidious in checking my stash.

    Hope the improvement in your health and well being comes soon. Hugs, Sue #24. x

  8. sorry, the stencil is not one I would use but I am not at home to see if i have any duplicates anyhow. I have so many stencils and i hardly use them these days – Abns is getting me to use his geometric ones a lot though lately so who knows, I might use the older ones too. It’s our Helen who is the stencil Queen on WOYWW.
    Neet 13 xx
    ps I used to be an art teacher and later taught IT in high school so I guess that is why I like to be consistent with my typing – a combination of the two disciplines.

  9. Hi MaryAnn, thanks for your visit earlier. Sorry you have to go to hosp every few months for infusions 😦 such a drag. Hubby has to inject himself every two weeks for his arthritis – its horrible getting older. Hope you are feeling full of energy now. Your work is lovely and i love the stencils. Have a great week. Soojay #26

  10. You have lot’s of great stencils and I love how you use them! You make me want to play with mixed media more. I hope you find that your infusions are helping. The fun foam stamp looks like it will work and the mirror image is a bonus! Blessings on your week ~ Love, Karen#22

  11. Hi Mary Anne, those stencils are fab, you’ve done a great job with them and the journal pages! It’s very useful to be able to die cut fun foam and get stamps, I agree. I’ve also found you can run them through with an embossing folder to get some texture too, if I remember correctly, it was better to emboss, then die cut, as doing it after distorted them a little. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #3 X

  12. What a very interesting post and so many things to marvel at sorry, no duplicate stencils have a good week Helen #1

  13. Hey Mary Anne, what a cool page and I really like those painty backgrounds in the threesome. Rusty oranges, blues and green are always my first choice too! Thanks for your visit – it was lovely to see you on my blog – hope your treatment works wonders and indeed it will be fun to see you “in person” at the crop! xx zsuzsa #9

  14. Was going to sa morning but I see it’s already past noon! Already playing catch up but I have been out for a walk while it’s dry. Dancing on a zoom – now that I have to see! That head swap turned out great, a stunning page. I die cut foam quite a lot – I’d never thought about it being usable either way, will check next time I do it. Oh yes – there’s no such thing as waste is there? That’s why everywhere is stuffed with thing’s I’ll never use or need till the day after I throw it away! Have a great week! Stay well, stay safe, Cindy #19 xx

  15. Oooh – very interesting works on your desk this week! I love the line art lady, she looks awesome. Sadly, I don’t have a stencil to swap, I’m afraid….

    Happy WOYWW Day!

  16. Oh I sincerely hope there’ll be dancing on WOYWW 600! Celebrations of all sorts that day, including a gin or two as well possibly :-). You found the right head and hat for your juggler then! I love the resulting image, it’s really satisfying. Hope the treatment up in Salisbury does the trick for you and you get back some of your energy – I know what you mean about early starts wearing you out before the day’s even begun, I’m a bit like that as well, lol!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  17. Hi Mary Anne. Your stencils are great – I admit to hardly ever using any – never know what to do with them, so don’t buy tem any more – still scratching my head over the few I have… Trust that infusion will really help! Everyone dancing on the 600 Zoom – now that would be a sight to see.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  18. I do love your DIY stencils Mary Anne, they look great on your pages. Great silhouettes too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

    • DOH! I posted this to the wrong Sarah but I meant it for YOU!

      Hoping this gets to you – I can never comment but I visit you every week and I just LOVE your drawings. Just wanted to try to say so without submitting to Google 😀 I know, I am pedantic about it, maybe stupidly (and ultimately fruitlessly) so but it’s hard to change the habits of my internet lifetime this late in the game 😀 Happy WOYWW!

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