WOYWW594 – my desk is here but…


I’m not! It’s all been a bit of a rush but I am actually up at the hospital (and in fact am up every day this week) for another IVIG infusion. My rheumatologist sorted it all, so it’ll be every 3 months for the next year. All a bit wearing, but it it keeps the weakness at bay, hey, I’m all for it.

I have done a few pages in my recently made journal. I did intend to explain how I made it (from Amazon packaging) cause I really like the varied options for using one, two, or even three of the tall, thin(ish) pages for one spread. Last week it was two pages, and this week I have one completed and one in progress single pages.

You can’t really see the finished page but no matter.  The one in progress is better anyway LOL!  I am testing out some head swaps.


I kinda want a female face on the juggler, but I’ve stamped a few options and will cut them all and see if any work.  I also need to find my stash of hat stamps.  I have seen the beanie with a propeller on top recently but pretty sure I have a steampunk-ish top hat around.  And then I plan to drag out the Copics – been a while since I’ve done that!

I did get interrupted during last week’s visits, as there were tests to be done and transport issues to resolve, etc etc. but I did pretty well till all that.  Still aiming to visit every desk, even if I can’t comment, and will continue to strive for perfection. Not sure how good the NHS wifi is but I might try participating from there.  If it doesn’t work, you’ll see me at yours on the weekend.

Happy to hear of the planned Zoom virtual crop, I just need to work out how I can do it!  We usually Zoom on the TV so I can see my son lifesize (well, nearly) rather than teeny tiny, but given my desktop computer doesn’t have either a camera or a microphone, I will need (and have!) time to sort out another option.  Happy WOYWW, y’all!

19 thoughts on “WOYWW594 – my desk is here but…

  1. Hi ary-Anne, so sorry to hear you need to travel to the hospital so much, but hope it will help in the long run. Thank you for your lovely comment on mine. I did go and look at your scroll card, and thought it was FAB! I love those stamps, but I don’t have any 😦 I love the quote you used, I just may just steal it for next year’s card! I love your journal page, I look forward to seeing how you dealt with the head! Sorry I’m so late this week! Lindart #34

  2. Hope you get the results you want from the treatment – a fag for you but as you say if it helps…. thank you for your earlier visit, I am still playing catch up as our wi fi goes on the fritz when we have a lot of rain (affects the tv too, infuriating) and I have no patience. Because I was late I read your post above first, (love the confetti stamp). I have no idea what hi ti papr is, but I’m guessing this is some kind of image transfre thing. Well done you for using what we’ve got, I think we all jump on the bandwagon far too quick when we have stuff we e could use laying around. Well, guilty as charged. Love the head you have stamped, think that might work. Stay well, stay safe, it will be Wednesday again before we know it! Cindy #25

  3. Thanks for popping over to my blog Mary-Ann. I’m intrigued to know how you use Amazon packaging to make a journal. It looks great. I’ve got a box of their brown card packaging as it looks like it might come in useful one day….
    Here’s hoping the visits to hospital are worth it and the infusion works a miracle. Take care with hugs from Sue #35.(I think!) xx

  4. I have that head stamp and i love it – use it a lot in my tiny journal. I do a blog page every Thursday with a friend and we use Dylusion figures – I love chopping the heads off and moving them about on the various figures. i chop all the body bits to be honest, swap legs, arms, upper and lower bodies – you name it I swap it. Great fun so am sure you will enjoy what you are doing,
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  5. Hope you manage to sort stuff out for the Zoom Mary Anne it will be good to put a face to the name and desk lol. Love the look of the new journal page. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

  6. Sorry to hear you have to go to the hospital for treatments, Mary Anne, but glad they are helping you to feel stronger. I wait and wait and wait to hear from the hospital about my forthcoming operation (will it ever happen at this rate?!!)… Love the new journal page with the stylish juggler.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #22

  7. Hope you find the right head for your juggler! Still haven’t tried Zoom, must get to grips with it. Happy WOYWW Angela #36

  8. Wishing you all the best with the infusions I know they can be draining but beneficial in the long run. Your journal pages are amazing, the stampotique (?) head stamps will be perfect for those head swaps, hope you find the hats soon. Fabulous share..
    Happy WoywW Tracey #8 xx P.S Thank you for the Birthday wishes x

  9. Your right, if the infusions work it will be worth the hassle. Head swapping is a new thought on me! I’m so literal and need to get more mixed media collage minded 🙂 Happy crafting! ~ Love, Karen#40

  10. I’ve not been to your desk in so long. Sorry to hear about your infusions. I have a friend in Australia who’s dealt with those most of her life for something. Will keep you in my prayers. Creative Blessings! Kelly #31

  11. Maryanne, I love the pages you’ve done in your journal and yes….I like using the girlie head!! She’s awesome looking!! Those stamps are so cool! Have an awesome rest of your week! Blessings, Felicia #32

  12. Hi Mary Anne, pleased to hear that the medication is working even though it sounds very tiring. I love your journal pages and hope we get to see the changes you make to it. Happy woyww, Angela x20x

  13. Hi Mary Anne, Zsuzsa kindly told me how to allow all comments last week, so happy to see that works for you! Love the faces you’ve stamped, they’re awesome. Hope the treatment goes well, and does what you need it to do.Stay safe, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 X

  14. It makes me laugh that you can freely talk about swapping heads and everyone here understands what you mean immediately, lol!! I like the juggler image a lot, hope you find the perfect head and hat combo to satisfy you. Good luck with the infusion, if it helps your condition then you can put up with being there for a few hours. I hope you do manage to get on the Zoom Crop, it would be fab to ‘see’ you again xx
    Hugs LLJ 17 xxx

  15. Hi Mary Anne – my goodness – you are having fun!! Hope you manage to find the right head and hat to go with the stilts… I do trust all goes well at the hospital and with your injections. Trust they succeed in making life easier for you.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  16. Your journaling looks amazing, It’s something that I have never tried, but I think I would find it quite difficult to pull off. My style is really minimalistic… maybe I should take the leap sometime!
    Chrissie #10

  17. Happy WOYWW. Never done a face swap and will be happy to see your finished one. I am looking forward to having my craft room sorted and guinea pigs settled, and then I am determined to put some time aside to get my mixed media stash out. Haven’t done any messy crafting for ages. Hope your hospital visits go smoothly. My planned referral to see a different specialist has been put on permanent hold for now. The hospital department are only seeing emergency cases, ie life-threatening infections etc. I am going to the internet to see how best to manage my pain/symptoms myself. Ali x #7

  18. good luck at the hospital and hope all goes well. Hope the head swapping works how you want it to – sometimes thing swapping heads would be good for people too!!! take care and stay safe. Helen #2

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