Pan pastels in my Art Journal

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I must head back to WOYWW and finish up my visits. I am determined to visit EVERY participant, whether I can comment or not!

But first – I never really used pan pastels often in my art journal. Funny story. The other night we were doing a family TV night and my daughter was trolling thru YouTube. Up popped a video from…omg, 7 years or so ago where Carolyn Dube (love that gal SO MUCH – so inspiring) had done a video of my seal pan pastels with gel medium idea. Yes, she did ask me and gave me a shout out in the video, which totally made my daughter crack up. Like most kids it surprises her that I have a life outside my Mom role. ANYWAY, because that happened, pan pastels were on my mind.

I decided to do a little experiment with them. I ALSO have a tube of iridescent medium (also never used) and I thought I would try brayering the medium on over the pastels instead. Yep. Works great. I brayer it onto a sheet of fun foam, although using the gel plate works to, it’s just more of a clean up.

and the result is a very pale and shimmery page.

I wasn’t sure if the while chalk marker pen around the leafy stencil was bold enough so I went around it again.  Maybe I should have left it. Oh well. And added some text from a word stencil I cut last week.  Because this journal is all about experimentation, the words seem appropriate.

Might be work showing the page from WOYWW finished off too.  A reminder to myself that I don’t always need to speak my mind when it comes to things other people love, that I don’t.  While I may be happy to speak freely on SOME topics, taking care over the feelings of others must me in the forefront of my mind.  Just cause I am not a fan of the cute doesn’t mean there isn’t something to be gleaned from it.

It looks all askew cause I was trying to snap a quick photo without showing the page from today! Might as well show the side-by-side, with the other page still in progress, so you can see that I am not worried about the pages coordinating.  I was like that in my scrapbooks too. Each page stands on it’s own and does not need to be matchy-matchy with the neighboring page!

I really like the way I organized the pages to offer me so many options for how I use them and I really WILL share the journal construction tomorrow. 

One thought on “Pan pastels in my Art Journal

  1. A beautiful project. I love it! Xxx

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