Odd stencil material


Thank you so very much to all the commenters who suggested that I print my journal and sell copies. If there were time and I had any method of doing it, I would, and donate the money to one of the great causes at Crooked Media, like VoteSaveAmerica. But I am just not one who sells my “art.” And in point of fact, I very much hope in a few more weeks it will be irrelevant. It would take me that long to organize it. But thank you, All the positive comment (at least as of when I typed this) outweigh the naysayers. That give me hope.

Many, MANY years ago I was at a local place that sold house and Office clearance stuff. We bought many a book case from them. Many. I used to buy all kinds of oddball things from them. I bought some weird foam stamps, possibly since disposed of or donated to a school, some magazine racks and desktop dividers, and once, I bought this transfer film.

I think I’ve used it before, by printing on to it and sticking it over…something.  Maybe a set of ATCs? Not sure.  I don’t think it worked brilliantly, but I tend towards hoarding, so I’ve kept it.

The other day I wanted to cut some stencils.  I cut some from transparent sleeves, like I have done in the past, but they are so thin, they work less well than I would like. 

I usually add a cardstock or duct tape frame but my supply of duct tape is running a little low right now. Probably hard to really see, but I think you can imagine, the film is floppy and it can be a struggle to keep it still while using with paint or ink.

At some point I thought about the Transtext film.  Not the FILM, which is basically a very thin, self-adhesive, fragile full-sheet sticker, but the BACKING.  That stuff is like release paper.  It can be wiped off (unlike paper) and cuts really well on my second-hand Cricut (Thank you Scrapdolly!) with SCAL.  I love the use of faces in art journal pages and I love the feminine but very simple silhouettes. They come from a service I pay for, which lets me use them for both personal and commercial use.  I had cut the page protector version (giving me both mask and stencil) but wasn’t happy.  I was VERY happy with the version cut from the Transtext stuff. I bought the pack I have for like 50p but they sell it now on Amazon.  Not sure I would recommend it at that price!

The release paper will NOT stick to the Cricut mat, but the back of the film will.  Which is OK because when it does stick (and it is dang hard to fully remove) the upwards facing bits are, well, STICKY.  So I just use the one mat always for this. Look. Ugh.

You can scrape it off, and I do, every few cuts, but it hasn’t impeded the cutting so I don’t worry about doing it every time.

Some of the stencils:

I still have to be a bit careful of things like the curl of hair, but that’s fine. I cut LOTS for that art journal project.

Some are stencil-ized photos, some my own design. Oh, and the blades for the Cricut work amazingly well.  I love the 60 degree one – I assume equal to a “deep cut” blade?

Obviously I need a better solution.  I have seen that there is thin stencil film you can buy, an maybe it would cut OK, but at the moment, I am OK with this material. I would be very interested in what other people use. Also if there is interest in the .SVGs of the ladies silhouettes.  Still not sure how best to share them other than going back to good ‘ole Dropbox, if I can even remember how to use it! Anyway, LMK on both topics please. If you have a got-to item for stencil cutting do share!

2 thoughts on “Odd stencil material

  1. Love the ladies. It would be fantastic if you shared them, I use Mylar sheets for stencils. They are a little thicker and very strong.

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