In His Own Words mini art journal


We all cope with things in our own way. This is how I am coping with the craziness in the USA right now. One follower has already waved goodbye and I waved back. I feel like I have neither shouted about (OK, well, till NOW) nor hidden my political leanings, so you can either embrace the differences we might have or I am happy to wave goodbye to you too. I feel strongly about the direction I want the country to take. I feel strongly about who I think is going to get us there. I might not live in the USA but nearly all the people I love, deeply, reside there. I pay my taxes (there AND here) and I feel I am entitled to my opinion. I am sorry if that offends people. But for the first time (and maybe the last) I exorcised my angst, and my anger, thru art – which is, I think most would agree, a time-honoured tradition.

As I mentioned I am calling this In His Own Words, because ALL the quotes are directly from TV tape of Trump or from his Twitter feed.

The Cover:

All the pages started as A4 heavy cardstock, Gelli-printed using inks. Most of the stencils are ones I cut. More on that later.

This is a quote from The Apprentice.  Something The Donald said to one of the contestants.  It has one of my favourite bits – the pig from a Cake album cover and the words wallowing towards the apocalypse.

This is a timeline of all the quotes denying the seriousness of the virus and/or saying how little masks would help. Most from TV press conferences, a couple from Twitter, all well-documented.  Stats from Worldometer.

The now infamous refusal to deny white supremacists during the debate.  The little bit of music is something I recall from my favourite documentary Harlan Country USA (I stress, documentary, not the lame movie of the same name!) and is entitled Which Side Are You On? That harks back to the Good people on both sides comment after Charlottesville. It is actually the first lines of a couple of different stanzas, but the words seem appropriate. It was also nice to get to use all my wacky and crying people stamps. 

A snapshot in time. On the day we heard the President had the virus, and would be getting world-class health care, courtesy of the taxpayers, I grabbed the details from Worldometer again.  I think the ultimate irony (IS that the right word?) is that the event that probably infected him was the mask-less Rose Garden event to announce his Supreme Court nominee. She  has shown, thru her writings and decisions in the past, that she is the PERFECT pick for him.  With a few critical cases due to be heard soon (Obamacare, Roe V. Wade, and election-related lawsuits) you might say she is the Anti-RBG in nearly every way and is expected to vote accordingly. 

You saw this the other day.  I won’t re-hash it. 

Honestly, his words say it all.  Madness. What a slap in the face to the 100000s who have died, who didn’t have his access to world class healthcare.  For some, no health care at all.  If he gets his way, that number will increase by multiple 1000s more.  Where is that Trump-care plan?  When will we see it?  How will it protect people? 

Back to the first page I shared.  Back to when I had no idea where this project would end up. Back to when I wasn’t sure I would be sharing anything else other that the VOTE page.  I’m with her – and this time I mean Michelle Obama – when she says Vote. Vote like your life depends on it.

And finally, the back cover.  Two things – a Banksy stencil, and a quote that is often attributed to George Orwell.  If you want to read a really interesting overview of the quote attribution issues, click the link to the Quote Investigator, it’s pretty informative.  I don’t have the same questions about the quotes I’ve used here.  I saw most of them play out on TV – except the Apprentice one, to be honest. I never watched that show.

Do I have ANY hope this might change anyone’s mind? Not bloody likely.  But did working thru this process help my state of mind?  It did.  It really, really did.

I’ll save the stencil details for another post.  This got waaaaay long.

17 thoughts on “In His Own Words mini art journal

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  3. This is hilarious – I must say I’m not a Trump fan, but I understand why he got elected. Good that you’ve found a way to vent your frustration – it must have been a cathartic experience! Lucky you don’t live in Russia though criticising Putin, the KGB would be on to you LOL!

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  5. It’s a shame that those followers you’ve lost don’t understand that art is, and should always be about the artist expressing themselves. Whatever the subject matter. You, Maryanne have always shared your thoughts with us and your unique perspective and talents. Had you expressed support of the GOP, I would remain a subscriber as I adore your creativity and appreciate what you share with us. Thank you.
    The orange moron deserves all the derision he attracts. He is dangerous and self-serving.
    I’m Australian, so me and mine have not been directly affected by Trumps ignorance and hatefulness. We are fortunate that our political system is nowhere nearly as corrupt as the American.

  6. Wow, this is awesome, right on!!!!

  7. Lost another subscriber here. Can we please keep religion and politics to ourselves? No more hate

  8. Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

  9. Wow! You should have copies of this printed for purchase!

  10. Hmmm…you are all crazy and seriously deceived

  11. I am in awe! In awe of your artistic ability and the perfect artistic irony of the ‘handling of the crisis’ by Agent Orange!

  12. These are incredible and definitely must have helped “process” the madness. Excellent multi media and the ideas are clear. Do you have a YouTube video of it? I have the intention to do something like this about COVID-19; maybe when the weather turns cold and rainy here so I am stuck indoors more. The virus is a crisis, but his response was so poor that it has become a tragedy. Yes, vote because our lives depend on it.

  13. This is awesome. Thank you.

  14. That’s amazing. I’ve followed your blog for some time and to be honest when I saw you’d done Trump the other day I didn’t carry on reading because I hate the man and can’t bear seeing anything about him. But today I’ve read right through and I see now where you were going. I live in the UK and we don’t generally feel his effects but what he’s said in the past and is saying about Covid is appalling. When I heard he’d got it I just shouted out “yes! and now he can’t say it’s all a hoax and it doesn’t exist. ” But sadly with all those drugs and medical help, he’s still with us. I hadn’t thought how art can be such a therapeutic thing. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Wow! This project is spot on! I love it and was thinking that you should create copies of it and sell them. So amazing.

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