WOYWW 592 – a tricky one


The dilemma with this week’s WOYWW is do I show what I am REALLY working on, or do I create a false narrative? What I am REALLY working on I started last week, well before the current situation in the USA developed. Now, I have never been shy about where I stand on the political spectrum (well left of centre) but I am struggling with sharing, and in what detail, my current project, given the diagnosis of the President.

I’d love to be able to strike just the right tone, but the fact of the matter is that while I hope for a full recovery, I equally hope for a full recovery for the country. So for better or worse, here is my current project – loosely titled In His Own Words, although I have not finished the cover page and that could change – on my desk:

I am also working on two additional pages, one built around “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life,” and one as yet undecided. I might have to wait for another day to see if any recent quote moves me.

Once the situation resolves, hopefully with a good outcome for both the President and the First Lady, I will feel more comfortable sharing these very negative (but I stress, true and factually accurate, as much as anything can be in the age of disinformation!) pages.

The binding will be the back-to-back method, which I also did a fair few years back, and I still quite like that way, as it is simple and effective. I am also looking for a good way to share SVG cutting files. I used Dropbox eons ago but not sure if that is still the best way – I have some nice files that will work well for art journals, but I can’t share them on WordPress – or at least not in the current free .Com version. Watch this space!

And, as ever, Happy WOYWW!!

21 thoughts on “WOYWW 592 – a tricky one

  1. I’m not getting into politics on here. I agree with Zsuzsa and keep it out of my art. Thank you for your visit and for your kind words about my posts! – no eyeballiness this time I think! Glad you like the finished result. Interesting what you said about okara. I make this regularly as a by-product of my soya milk. A couple of days ago I found a recipe for non-meat balls made with it, so I made a batch and tasted one – delicious! They have gone in the freezer for now but I shall make up some nice tomato sauce and we’ll have them with pasta. I use okara all the time for thickening things – very rich in protein as you say, and no refined carbohydrates, just lots of lovely fibre

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #18!

  2. Wow Mary Anne, so happy to see you getting down and inky and expressing yourself..those pages are quite amazing from an art point of view, and equally interesting for their you feel better for getting it onto paper? I too hope they recover, because they are human beings, but I sort of wish that he would actually have an experience of the scare and fear that this virus is causing. Just because he’s received GKW in terms of drug therapy, doesn’t mean the rest of us have access to his level of care or experimentation and to see hi remove his mask and talk like that just made me see red all over again! Argh! Anyway, on a calmer note, did I say how clever the pages are, loving the silhouettes and your dated timeline spikes.

  3. Lot’s of projects completed in your work space ~ Enjoy the rest of your week! Love, Karen 33

  4. Nice pages. They should reflect your personal feelings as has been said. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!
    Carol N #24

  5. I think they are brilliant and if it is what is on your mind (and lets face it how can it not be?) it has a place in your art. I can’t think too far ahead at the moment for fear of getting overwhelmed but the right result in Nov would certainly be a start in my view. Stay well, stay safe, Cindy #13

  6. Looks like a wonderful journal! I hope you do a flip though when you are done. I feel the same about things in the USA as you do, hoping for you know who to win. But as much as I was hoping for T to learn something with his experience, it seems he won’t, sadly. I don’t know if anything that doesn’t immediately affect him will alter his opinion. I too want him to survive, but I wouldn’t complain if he got a lot sicker first!

  7. Amazing journal pages. Happy WOYWW Angela #25

  8. I just love your pages, I keep wonder about a way to share about all this negative-ness, and you have done that. where did you get the stencils of Trump, I would lobe to try my hand at it.

    • I cut them myself, from photos. Usually it means taking the photo, converting it to B&W, then applying something like the Stamp filter in my very old Adobe Elements. Then I cut it using my (again very old) Cricut and Sure Cuts A lot. I’m sure someone does MAKE Trump stencils but I don’t know who. I can send you the SVG files if you can make use of them…..

  9. Hi Mary Anne, I think speaking the truth, regardless, is the honest thing to do. Getting diagnosed with Covid makes no difference to anything he has said and done in the past, and would only be a factor if he was to now stand up and admit much of his narrative has been wrong, but we know that won’t happen. So you vent as much as you like. Love the imagery so far in your journal. Stay safe, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  10. Hi Mary Anne. Thanks for the lovely comment over at mine, much appreciated. Your journal pages are amazing you would enjoy reading the Private Eye which we have here in the UK, it’s a satirical magazine and both Donald and Boris feature in it quite often. Although I hope both the president and his wife no harm I feel that he is a very dangerous man who doesn’t do himself any favours by the comments he makes and having lost my father to covid and my mother in hospital foe eight weeks, I find it difficult to understand both his actions and his comments. You take care and keep on producing such beautiful and artistic work. Hugs, Angela x16x

  11. wow those colours and backgrounds are beautiful you are very creative!!
    Ellie #14

  12. For me art is sacred and an escape from the world – the last thing I would want to do is bring politics into it, but I understand if you feel compelled to do so to voice your frustration. It’s visually striking – do you actually own a series of Trump stencils LOL?

  13. Hi Mary Ann, it is hard to avoid negative comments when he makes so many himself. I confess to wondering whether he would drink bleach, as he advised others to do. I couldn’t see the detail of your posters but they look fine, very strong.
    I’m not sure about the title of your ‘don’t be afraid of Covid’ poster, unless it is ironic – I am classed as extremely vulnerable because of the state of my lungs – my respiratory consultant basically said I wouldn’t survive it so how can I not be afraid of it?
    Anyway, take care, stay safe, and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts #19

  14. I am very impressed with your journalling. It’s great to share reality…!
    The svg files sound interesting!
    Happy woyww! Susan #7

  15. Oh Mary Anne – your heart must be breaking over all that is going on at the moment in your native land. So much pain in so many places. I think your pages are cathartic for you – if you know what I mean…
    Take care dear girl. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  16. I can’t actually watch or listen to Trump on the TV and can’t describe in words that can be published here either. Mind you, that works with Boris as well. Tweedledum and Tweedledee….sigh. So be as political as you like, I applaud you.
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  17. Good morning! I like how you are documenting things that are going on in the US… Take care and stay safe. Helen #1

  18. I think most of the world has stood by open mouthed at the President’s recent actions and comments Mary Anne. I love your journal pages. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

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