2021 Spanish calendars

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I always take note of the followers who come back, year after year, to ask for, and then thank me for, my calendars. Nubia is one such follower. Lucky too, because I had some time while the laundry was on the go, and rather than me having to wait for a reply to an essential question, I was able to just look back, year after year, and find the answer.

I do occasionally make calendars in other languages. Not as many as I used to do, but I generally try to make Spanish ones. As Nubia is from Uruguay, what I thought I remembered, but I knew I had to check, was that there the week begins with SUNDAY. Confession. I HATE having to make Monday to Sunday calendars. I don’t use them myself, and once I go to all the effort to make the Sunday to Saturday versions, it really is starting all over from scratch to make the Monday to Sunday version. Converting from English to Spanish is a whole lot easier. My wash cycle was an hour and it took me less than that to do this. Not bad.

Sorry that is a little small – usually I just grab a single page to show basically what the calendar looks like.  This time I thought I could grab the Contact Sheet version so you could see all the colours.  You can grab the PDF here! Nubia, I hope you enjoy it once again.  I know the doily one is your favourite.

I hope you find it useful.

Interestingly, I stumbled across a really pretty one I made…gee, I think it was back in maybe 2015. I saw it and I was charmed by it my own self LOL!   I think I will have to update it for next year. 

One thought on “2021 Spanish calendars

  1. Oh! How nice of you to set aside time for my request, yes in Uruguay we use calendars more from Sunday to Saturday.
    Thank you! and I have already saved the pdf, it will be once again to add to little Christmas presents for nieces and friends of mine.
    Blessed week to you! Hug from Uruguay!

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