2021 Calendars – oddly prepared….


I was taken by surprise when I got a comment on my blog from Debbie asking about 2021 calendars!  In the chaos of 2020 it had totally slipped my mind.  I went hunting in my full-to-bursting folders of calendar files on my Mac and imagine my surprise when I found not one, but TWO circle calendars already ready to go.  What the hell?  It is totally unlike me to be that prepared.  I am a very much last-minute kinda gal.  Anyway, I had a quick check of the start end end days of the month, on two online calendars, to make sure when I made them I had gotten the dates all correct (and I will NEVER forget the time I used an online calendar and IT was wrong, so I was too) and can add them now.

Why I made two versions I don’t know, but I did.  This one is more like the original:

and this one is an update version, bolder and more modern, maybe?

Hopefully one of them will appeal. Both will fit a standard cd case.  Click on the Calendar Making menu at the top to see the drop-down menu with loads of calendar projects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “2021 Calendars – oddly prepared….

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  4. Thanks!!!!

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  5. LOL. You have always been the” calendar go to.”

  6. Thanks again for another year of wonderful calendars! I print several and use for gifts and of course keep one for myself! Your generosity goes without measure 🙂 Hugzzz

  7. Thanks for the 2021 calendars I use the pretty circle ones every year and have got the card ready marked and cut out to go ! I tried to send you pictures of last years but failed dismally 🙈

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