Wreath Calendar done!


I have been working on the wreath calendars and have the one most people seem to like better done. I did play around with the fonts a little and like the vibe of this font :

You can download the PDF here.

I have been clearing up my craft spaces.  I finally have the sewing room sorted, mostly because I found an alternative for the storage of my son’s drum kits (one proper drums, one electronic, both HUGE) and that has allowed a better placement of furniture.  It really doesn’t help that that room is tiny, and has a sink in it – unlike most of the rest of the rooms there is not a fireplace in there.  This house has eight sinks upstairs (only three in actual bathrooms) and seven fireplaces in all, plus another 4 that have been blocked off or walled over.  It makes furniture placement a challenge! One thing I unearthed is a stash of clear CD covers, like I used to create the CD calendar project:

And this one:

I am about to start a major clear-out and re-org of my scrapbook space. This is likely to take some time LOL! My hope is that once the space is usable again I can actually get on with some crafting.  And I think I might have to do another CD calendar as my first project. Although, given the state of this room, it might by 6 months into the year before I manage it.  DOH!

7 thoughts on “Wreath Calendar done!

  1. I can see you shared the PDF for this. I hadn’t gone far enough in my older emails to see this before I asked for it in your previous post. Thanks again for all you share.

  2. Thank you for always sending these updates. I do have a question about this calendar. I printed it and could hardly see the days of the week as the color was so light. Also some of the branches in the wreaths. Is it possible to darken the colors? Just thought I would ask. Thank you in advance.

    Good luck on cleaning your craft room. I have to do that too. It seems like that room always ends up being the dumping ground for everything. Have a good weekend.


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    • If you are printing with just your normal print setting they might be light, BUT if you select the proper option in your printer dialog box then they will be fine. My print looks good on normal settings, but it is much better selecting Photo Matte Paper (even when printing on plain paper of on light card) and quality as HIGH.

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  4. Always nice designs,,,but…calendars must run through your dreams.LOL
    do tell us how you did the CD case one.

  5. Those older calendars still look great and I like the easel version in the background too! They’ve given me more ideas to assemble some of your wonderful calendars! Thanks for the leafy version too – it’s so delicate and lovely!

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