That Doily calendar – onesheets for 2020 thru 2022


I am always amazed at the number of requests I get for the same calendars over and over again.  The Doily calendar is one of those – although I think the pretty circle CD one is still the most requested one.

As I have been doing, I’ve made these for 3 years.

Small but enough for you to see what they look like, I think

You can grab the PDF here.

On a side note, I have noticed a number of posts on various blogs, doing a round up of 2020 calendars.  I’ve noticed this in previous years as well. The thing is, they all seem to repeat the SAME calendars across the board.  I usually have a calendar on those lists, and this year it is the leafy circles one:

In past years it has been this doily one, or the doily cards one.  But every year it’s the same.  One person posts a list and 10 other bloggers just shuffle the order and re-post the same darn calendars.  I make SO many calendars, it can’t be that it is always, year after year, that every round-up blogger picks THE SAME ONE.

But hey, if that is the style that is trendy, so be it.  At the very least it made me want to play around with the wreath concept a bit more.  Here are two I like, although I feel the fonts need to be changed, maybe.  Which do you prefer?

12 thoughts on “That Doily calendar – onesheets for 2020 thru 2022

  1. Do you have 2018 format PrettyFrame_2018 for 2020?

  2. Love the simple wreath one with the green/gold leaves. Any chance for a PDF of that design? Thanks so much for sharing all you do.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE The golden rings and simple leaves on the January and March ones!!

  4. All of them….!! Thanks for always accommodating Everyone’s requests. You are amazing!

  5. I like both of the new wreath ones, and they’re both right on trend. As far as fonts go, I’d consider Ballada from Google Fonts for the gray one, and either a monoline script like San Francisco or a bounce script like Bringshoot (DaFont, 100% free including commercial use).

    • I looked at the fonts I could find, and added both Ballada and Bringshoot, although I purchased a huge set of similar style fonts at some point. I an always use more 😀 San Francisco is too generic a name to know which of the ones I found you intended. I ended up going with a couple of old favourites but I still appreciate the suggestions. The ones I am working with on the grey wreath set have a similar vibe so we are not a million miles apart! Cheers!

  6. Love the green leafy one

  7. I like the one with color! But, they are all beautiful!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the top wreath sample with the green and gold!!! Any chance you’ll share the rest of the year? Thank you so much for sharing all your files. I have been hosting a project life group for 5 years and have used your calendars for each year.

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