Leap Year calendar one-sheet and updated Project Life graphics


I am working on the Doily one-sheets, as requested by an anonymous commentor, who says she has used them for the lat few years and wants the 2020 version.  Like with the month cards, I am doing 2020, 2021 and 2022.  A number of people have said they like to make 18 month or 24 month calendar gifts so it makes sense to do that.  ANYWAY, just a reminder – if you make a request, do be sure you add your info so I can get back to you.

In the meantime, I updated some old (2012!) Project Life cards and made a one-sheet calendar for leap year.

It has been AGES since I made any Project Life things and I am not sure how popular it is at the moment.  Comment if you still scrapbook that way.  These cards are slightly less than 3×4 so you can maintain the black border and (I think) round the corners of your base cardstock if you want to mount them on a colour.

Hope they are useful.  Hands up anyone who DIDN’T already know it was a leap year….



3 thoughts on “Leap Year calendar one-sheet and updated Project Life graphics

  1. Project Life (more often now called pocket scrapping because PL is copyrighted) is still QUITE popular; all of the stores that carry scrapbook supplies have cards for sale (even big-box places like Walmart) and every digital scrapbooking shop seems to have a pocket cards, journal cards, or pocket scrapbooking section.

    Journal cards seems to be the most common name for the cards themselves now, and there are a ton of sizes available besides the original 3×4 and 4×6 that Becky Higgins used when creating Project Life. 4×4 has become a third standard size in the last few years as it can be scaled down to any of the smaller square sizes. 2×3 can be gotten from a scaled-down 4×6, and over on the digiscrap side, I’ve seen 1- and 2-inch strips in almost any length you can imagine.

    Check into the Traveler’s Notebook format as well; it’s becoming popular enough to start getting its own templates in the digiscrap world, so I suspect it’ll stick around for a while. While they come in a range of sizes, the one the digiscrap world is referring to as “standard” is 4.33 x 8.25 inches.

  2. I have to admit that I didn’t know it was a leap year!
    Happy New Years, and thanks for all you do!

  3. My sister-in-law was born on a leap year and actually turns 17 this year LOL I love the project life cards as I can use one to make her birthday card unique and fun for her! Thanks for always being so generous with these templates. The calendars I’ve made this year have been a big hit, thanks to you! Heartfelt thanks and big hugs for all you do and a very happy and healthy new year to you in 2020.

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