Some printable wine bottle gift tags

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Hello all.

As mentioned I made a fair few things for the Hipp!!Bones fundraising efforts and we did very well at the craft fair and selling at a few other craft groups.  The Lump of Coal chocolate orange covers were very popular!

As that is done now, I thought I might offer as a printable the funny wine tags.  A bit of a play on the This wine pairs well with fish…red meat… turkey…. As you can see vaguely from the not great photo, I tarted them up with metallic disk stickers, bakers twine and some glitter snowflakes.

There are three pages in the UK-centric version:

There is one with a Frozen vibe:

One with a traditional Christmas vibe:

and a more quirky modern version:

I also made a USA-centric version, which leaves out BREXIT, but includes Impeachment (be careful you are very sure the recipient shares your views or sense of humor when attaching either of them to a gift!) and which subs sweater for jumper and fruitcake for pudding and omits crackers.  Are Christmas crackers a thing in the USA now?  I know I tried to send some back as gifts at some point and since they have a teeny tiny bit of explosive to make the SNAP when you pull them they are banned from mailing.  

Just a bit of fun and a few that are unique to others I’ve seen. They are sized as they are to fit my tag-top punch but they can also be cut as is and stuck to a luggage tag or you can cut and round the corners.

We give out many bottles during the holidays and a tag like this just adds a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy them!

One thought on “Some printable wine bottle gift tags

  1. What fun bottle tags – I love them all! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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