2020 to 2022 calendar Onesheets

Another something I get asked for a lot.  These are vertical Onesheets.  You can print them at any size by selecting the paper size in your printer dialog box.  You can print them at A3 or US legal for a wall calendar of a slightly larger size.  You can print them as a 4×6 for Project Life or a scrapbook page (although the print is going to be pretty tiny!) or standard US letter or A4 for a 3-ring/2-ring/4-ring binder style planner. Remember, you can change your print option to 2-per-page and get a Filofax sized planner sheet.

You will get two of each year, but I’m sure you can find a use for the second copy!

Here are the three versions:

This one has been posted before. If you want 2019 included in one PDF, this is the one for you.


This pretty cherry blossom one is also available for 2019, bundled with 2018, but you can just print the one page but the 2020-2022 bundle is HERE.

And here is a totally new one.  I still love the North Point font – maybe by 2022 it’ll be trendy again! Get that bundle HERE.

Of course you can grab all of them and print one year from one, the next year from the next, etc.

I might rotate them so people you have a planer in the horizontal orientation can also use them, but it might take me a little while to get to it.