2020 Pretty Circle CD, checked and rechecked!

This pretty CD circle calendar is always a top request.  I really wanted to update the design a little but as time has been short and life busy, I’ve opted to just leave it as is and update the months.  Reminder – 2020 is a leap year!


You can grab the PDF here:

A word about errors:  I have mentioned my weird little program for making calendars. I have mentioned it is a little bit buggy.  Even so I do really like it, I know it, and I can usually make it do what I want it to for less than the cost of a couple of months of Adobe.  But it does keep me on my toes.  I must remember to check and recheck, because, very occasionally, something will alter, almost on it’s own.  The usual thing is something will all of a sudden not be BOLD when converting to a PDF. Or maybe a line defining a box will be different across 6 boxes on a page.  Because I create date columns (not individual date numbers) why all of a sudden ONE number would just not be there, I have no idea.  I have used this font and those blocks 100s of times.  January always shows 31 days.  Not yesterday.  The 2020 Tear-off set is fixed now.  Sorry to anyone who downloaded the faulty tear-offs.  I hope you notice and come back to get the corrected ones. My resolve has been strengthened and