2020 Pretty Circle CD, checked and rechecked!

This pretty CD circle calendar is always a top request.  I really wanted to update the design a little but as time has been short and life busy, I’ve opted to just leave it as is and update the months.  Reminder – 2020 is a leap year!


You can grab the PDF here:

A word about errors:  I have mentioned my weird little program for making calendars. I have mentioned it is a little bit buggy.  Even so I do really like it, I know it, and I can usually make it do what I want it to for less than the cost of a couple of months of Adobe.  But it does keep me on my toes.  I must remember to check and recheck, because, very occasionally, something will alter, almost on it’s own.  The usual thing is something will all of a sudden not be BOLD when converting to a PDF. Or maybe a line defining a box will be different across 6 boxes on a page.  Because I create date columns (not individual date numbers) why all of a sudden ONE number would just not be there, I have no idea.  I have used this font and those blocks 100s of times.  January always shows 31 days.  Not yesterday.  The 2020 Tear-off set is fixed now.  Sorry to anyone who downloaded the faulty tear-offs.  I hope you notice and come back to get the corrected ones. My resolve has been strengthened and



More calendars (tear-offs and Spanish Do to Sá) as requested!

I have 100s of files for calendars that I have made in the past.  When I get a request, SOMETIMES it is as simple as changing the month blocks to reflect the different date arrangements.  SOMETIMES even that is a lot of work.  These were neither simple nor too much work that I couldn’t be bothered. They fell nicely into the just enough effort to be interesting, without being annoying category.

What I hate, is changing from a Sunday to Monday to a Monday to Sunday arrangement. I really hate doing that.  Although, to be fair, I have worked out methods that make is way less effort that it once was.  Still, I’m not a fan.

Luckily one request, for a Spanish language version of the Doily cards, was from Nubia in Uruguay. Unlike many Spanish-speaking countries (or some Spanish-speaking USA residents) she does NOT need a Monday to Sunday version. You can get it here.

Another request, From Carol, for tear-off blocks that are not so girly, was also, fairly easy to complete. And I notice an error! It’ll be back tomorrow corrected!

My program is so buggy.  I tried fixing the missing day about 3 times and every time I looked at the final PDF 31 January was gone.  I can only hope when I add it back in it “stuck!”

Phew! There is is! And here is the PDF

Little things like the small 29 days for February 2020 (a leap year) is the kind of thing I can easily miss when altering an older calendar, and checking and re-checking for hat sort of thing takes TIME.  In this case, the exact version she wanted was so buried in the folders of calendars it was easier to make a new one than find the old one. They might be slightly bigger then the originals, but hopefully still useful.

I still have the Pretty Circle CD calendar that people always ask for to be updated, and some one-sheets (although there are a few 2020-2021 one-sheets already available here and here) and people do request landscape onesheets for use in their planners, so I expect you might see more from me sometime soon.


Doily Calendar cards for 2020-2022



We spend a lovely few weeks back in the USA, a trip that was long overdue.  But I got a fair few requests that I have been working my way thru.  This is one of them.

A before I give you the goodies, just a small request.  If you comment on my blog to ask for a calendar to be update to the current (or an upcoming) year, PLEASE either be sure you are commenting on the post that contains the calendar you want OR that your comment includes a link to that calendar.  Not meaning to point fingers but I make a ton of calendars.  And saying “the doily one” (which has maybe 5 or 6 different versions) or “the round one” (also 5 or more versions) or some other defining characteristic that means something to YOU but not to ME is going to mean the request drops way down to the bottom of my list! I have at least two requests for mystery calendars. They will remain in the queue till I get more info.

Ronna gets it right every year.  So I have done three years for her! Here are the Doily, re-oriented calendars for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

As usual, I tend to slightly alter the fonts and some other small details, just enough so I don’t get bored recreating the identical calendars year after year. Here is a page from each so you can see the slight variations. 

2020 is a leap year, and as usual I did my best to check, re-check and double check the dates to make sure it is right, but if you have been here in the past to get a calendar you know no one is infallible, not even calendars uploaded to other sites.  And you may recall me showing the link to a calendar I used for verification that was totally wrong, and so was mine.  I feel pretty confident I got it right this time, but as ever be on the lookout for any errors. If you find one let me know. 😀