Requested – 2019 gradient One-Sheet calendar



Funny, people seem to have real favourites when it comes to calendars!  Every year I used to try to come up with something new, but most times, people comment to say Gee I love THIS one, will you be updating it? Which is easier on me, I’m not gonna lie.  This is one of those.  I like it too, and it wasn’t hard to do so here it is!

Download it here!



10 thoughts on “Requested – 2019 gradient One-Sheet calendar

  1. Hi there – me again! Would you be able to do this landscape gradient for 2020 as well? Thanks so much!

  2. I would love a one year on a glance calendar of 2019 and 2020 in none or two pages either

    • Sorry, super confused. I have lots of 2019 one-sheets and even a few 2020 ones but the “none or two” pages part confuses me 🙂 I am pretty sure you mean ONE page (which I have done) but am trying to picture what you mean by a 2 page one. There are lots of possible interpretations! Tell me more and look at the post for a set of similar ones going many years forward!

      • Thanks for the answer!
        I mean this:
        I have a A5 planner
        I would like to have on left 2019 calendar and on the right side 2020 calendar… so 2 years on 2 A5 faces of 1 sheet 😊

        • Easy to do – if you know your printer 🙂 So as an example, the doily one I linked has multiple years in the same PDF file.
          1. Select the two pages you want to print side-by-side and select Selected Pages in Sidebar
          2. Look in your print dialog box for the LAYOUT options.
          3. Select 2 in the Pages per Sheet option

          When you print, those two page will print side by side. If you need for them to be smaller (for example if you want to cut the sheet in half) you can adjust by changing the SCALE to less than 100 (I’d say maybe 90% would work? A guess, to be fair!)

          But if you wanted to print them as A5, to put them as a spread in the middle of a planner (side by side rather than on the same sheet of paper) you can. A pdf is (generally) not set to a specific size. Again, in your print dialog box you can select the size you wan it to print. Cut a sheet of paper in half, select whatever size a half is (A5 is 1/2 A4, right? and A4 is half A3? US sizes don’t work the same, from what I recall!) and put the cut down paper into the printer – or print it in the middle of a full sheet and cut THAT down, either way.

          So there are ways to get to what you want. I did that above process but rather than print the results I selected PDF (gotta love a Mac) and here is that file. so you can just print it. 🙂

          I should add that printing ANY of my one sheet calendars as A5 gives you a lot more choice.

    • Noted, and will try to do so sometime this week if I can

  3. These calendars are absolutely GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you so much for the 2019 full horizontal page calendar. I love it and also when you use WordPress (it is so easy with my iPad then to download -automatically- & print). You do awesome work.

  5. Thanks so much!!

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