Cat folds!


I just thought you might like to see one of the folds completed.  Sandra, a follower here, kindly sent me a photo.  I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you?

You can download the templates in the previous post!

16 thoughts on “Cat folds!

  1. Please can I have a template of the word TuTu possibly with a small unicorn head. Also K & C please

    • So TuTu is for a multi-line fold? That is going to be hard, if you are new to book folding. Or a cut&fold? And K&C is a 2nd template, right?

  2. Lovely …..

    im still learning book folding i havent followed a pattern yet but cats are my favourite

  3. Have you ever made a pattern “FAMILY” I’d love to make one. I have tried some of your other patterns and love them. Thanks

  4. Hi Ukma I have just gotten into book folding and have enjoyed checking out a lot of the information you give to your followers. It has been very helpful. I have not tried the multi cut and fold but hope to soon. I am hoping that you could find the time to send me a mark and fold pattern and templet for the name NOAH, in Gabo. Thanks again for being so informative. My email is

  5. Hi! I’m wanting to do a fold for my bf’s Christmas present. Any way you can make me a template that says “A(HEART)M”? Also, it’s my first time attempting book folding so if you have any helpful tips please do let me know! I’m struggling a little bit on how many pages I would need for that template as well.

  6. thanks so much!!!!

  7. Cat fold book came out beautifully.

  8. I am going to try my first folded book image. Is the finished cat example a “cut and fold” or just a fold?

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