Book foldings – cats


Super quick.  My boiler packed in this AM.  Typical.  At least it is not super cold today!

Anyway, I was sending out some cat-related book fold requests and I thought I might as well share them – I am not one myself, but I know there are cat-fanatics out there that will appreciate them!

Even I have to admit these are cute.

Grab the three page PDF here!

12 thoughts on “Book foldings – cats

  1. Hej! Såg din fina vikta katt och undrar om du har även cm/mm siffror till mönstret?

  2. Hi, first I love your site! It’s informative and pretty easy to navigate ( I stalk many DIY blogs and am constantly frustrated at layout) A million kudos on the calendar widget, so helpful.

    Ok, I stumbled on here due to your book folding tutorial and templates, I searched first, but do you have a honey/bumble bee template anywhere? I may try to make one with your lined paper system, but if you’ve got one I could just use I know my boss would love it for the library at our school.

  3. These are wonderful!!! My sister in law is a cat fanatic so I am excited to try one. I was wondering if you could make a cup or tea, or a teapot template with steam for me please?

  4. Hello Mary Anne, I really like your site and appreciate sharing your book folding patterns.  I’m wondering if you have a patterns for FAITH and SISTERS. Thank you

  5. I have to admit it, I am a cat fanatic and I want to let you know how much I appreciate you posting your cat book folds. I simply adore them, thank you so much, G Young.

  6. Someday I really need to learn this.

  7. Hi there, I enjoy reading your newsletters but there is something that I have been unable to work out; what are “book folds”? I have searched, but can’t seem to make out what they are or how to use them. I would be grateful for any help, thank you

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