A few more 2019 Calendar bits


It has been quite the madhouse around here, on all fronts.  But I do have a few follow-up calendar things for you.

First I have a set of the circle calendars with journaling space beside them – nice for PL style spreads or even to add to a layout.  You can download them here.

And as another variation of that, a smaller set that I think would work well for a birthday calendar.  Print on cardstock and punch a hole for a book ring and there you go. And you can download that one here.


And lastly, another couple of bold calendar squares for making tear-offs.  Note the darker dividing lines.  I’ve had some feedback that the very pale lines are harder for older eyes to follow.  If having the lines show is annoying, simply cut just INSIDE the lines and they should still stack fine for a tear off. Download the 2 page set, black and brown, here.

Hopefully that will keep you happy as I am off doing touristy things with visitors, till November!


5 thoughts on “A few more 2019 Calendar bits

  1. Thanks for posting this! This calendar is the cutest!

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  3. Thanks for posting this! I used your calendar last year and love it!

  4. Thanks so much for your generosity in making and sharing all these wonderful calendars every year! I love making Christmas gifts with them and you are so talented with all of the creative versions you make! I’m so grateful, many thanks and hugs!!

    • Hi Mary Ann, Is it possible for you to make a book folding pattern for me out of the words
      i’d like them stacked with a heart after the LIVE and before the LOVE so it makes a block style. Does that make sense? I used the font Cooper Black in all caps to design it but I haven’t quite figured out how you do the patterns. I have your email address that I can send you a publisher file and/or a pdf of the one i designed if you’d like.
      Please let me know if you are able to do this for me. I appreciate it very much.
      Luann Magolan

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