Finally, a use for the Creative Palette!


It has been far too long since I felt up to any crafting but knitting.  I am finally feeling a bit better and trying to flex my creative wings once again.

I am taking a free class from Carolyn Dube called Permission to Play (link in the sidebar) because I used to take part in her Gelli Print Party and I like her enthusiasm and her style.

I am not quite ready to jump in fully as I am very much out of practice, but a post in her group  showed some fab ATCs.  I remember that whenever I felt like I needed a little jumpstart, making ATCs usually worked a treat.  Little bite-sized pieces of creativity, very manageable, and using nothing too precious.

I collected up some stuff – I wanted to make use of the prompt (Using Cardboard or Trash) so I started by covering some cardboard with bits of the Sparks of Art-spiration Carolyn includes as an endless resource – mess it up? print another! I also dragged out a sheet of Teesha Moore stamps that I had not yet even cut from the sheet. And cut them.

I think I may have mentioned about 100 times how much I loathe mounting stamps.  I was not sure I had that sticky backed mounting stuff so I wasn’t sure how best to deal with them.  I considered using sticky backed fun foam, which I have done before and which works pretty well, but what had been in my head was the crappy Creative Palette pseudo-Gelli plate that I reviewed in the past.  Carolyn also has a video on using the Gelli plate to pick up the overflow from acrylic pours and when dry, use them as skins to add to your art.  I saw that a day or so ago and thought that THAT might be a good use for the CP.  It has languished in a drawer for YEARS and I hate to waste money so I’ve held on to it, SURE I would find a use for it SOMEDAY.) It was something I was already thinking about. A solution presented itself.

One problem with the CP is that is is really sticky, for Gelli plate-style pulling.

I had previously cut the CP into shapes with my Big Shot, thinking this was going to give me mini-gelli-plate style tools. It didn’t. But I pulled it out and stuck one of the bits to a stamp mount

and I pressed the unmounted stamp into the plate.

The first time I tried it the stamp fell off – it doesn’t grab the rubber supper firmly with just finger pressure, but if you are ready to stamp and you tamp the ink onto the stamp with a bit of pressure, it will hold.

And it’s a pretty sharp image, right?

So this makes me very happy!  It means I can pretty closely trim the rubber around the stamp without stressing that I have undercut the image, I can cut close enough that I can see where the image will be placed, and I don’t need to buy sheet after sheet of mounting foam!  RESULT!

Now, word of warning.  If you try this, I would shake the mount and make sure the stamp is firmly attached before inking.  It is a temporary hold, strong right after you have pressed the stamp into it and strongest after you have really pushed it down with the inkpad.  It will eventually loosen and you might have the stamp fall off onto your project if you dally.  Washing the CP (like you do with cling stamps) to refresh the sticky will help.  I guess it depends on your tolerance for error, and need for perfection.  For me, as I am not placing the images but will cut them out, it’s a great solution.

Sorry for the portrait style photos – after I decided to post it I realized my camera batteries were dead, the charger MIA and that my phone was downstairs.  My iPad was near so I used that for the photos.  Next time I’ll rotate it 90 degrees so the post isn’t so long.  It’s like I have to learn how to blog all over again…  DOH!

8 thoughts on “Finally, a use for the Creative Palette!

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  2. OMG MaryAnne! I might never mount another stamp again! I too have this miserable plate and I too kept it because I hate to waste money. I am going to try this! BTW I love your finished ATCs. Have you made any ATC coins? OK, Back to catching up on you blog:)

    • I had high hopes for this but in reality it does seem to be a bit hit or miss. Sometimes the cling is strong, other times the stamp just drops off. I have not worked out exactly what the ideal conditions are :). But I do keep trying to find some sort of use for the damn Creative Palette. Honestly? I just dragged out my bottle of Tack it (over and over) and I suspect that is going to be my best bet. I figure if I coat the chunk of the CP that I cut down to size by running it thru my Big Shot (and that did work a treat) rather than coating the back of the stamps (leaving me with a super sticky pile of things to store) it just might work. Literally, those things are on my desk, awaiting action later today. I’ll let you know how it works out.

      • I usually use the aleens Tack it O&O on my UM rubber but you put it on the creative palette? Hmm, I wonder if the smaller gelli plates would work as they are sticky, they feel sticker to me than the CP? Thanks for replying:) I have used my small gelliplates as a mirror stamp as well,works better than the rubber ones. You probably have done that yourself tho:)

        • I cut my CP up. I had a couple of rectangles, a heart, a small circle and a big circle. THEN I found out it was not at all like the Gelli plate. But I did coat the CP chunks with Tack it and it worked a treat. It leaves me with only one (really 3, 2 rectangles, one small circle) sticky things to store rather than 500 uncounted stamps! I also tried doing the same with fun foam, sticking it to a mount then coating it with Tack it. Worked fine, maybe not as cushiony, but far cheaper. Also stuck stuck, rather than easily removeable like the CP. Tried the smaller Gelli plate when I tried the CP but again, it is not cheap. Neither really grab the stamp with just a light press. Overall my preference is the CP chunk coated with Tack it. And yes, I’ve used the Gelli as a miror stamp. But I hate mounting stamps so this is a big bonus for me!

  3. What an inspiring post! Love that you found another use for the CP. Like you I hate waste (especially money!) and this is a brilliant use for it. Well done.
    Have clicked the link and it looks as though I shall be joining you and Carolyn, I use empty cereal boxes for my ATCs (just an excuse to indulge!) so this is a wonderful new use for them!!
    Thanks for sharing this post

  4. Great to see you kick starting again. We sold up our family home and moved across country last July and I left my mojo behind with crafting friends and fell into a black hole. I’m trying to sort and unpack my crafting stuff, but battling to deal with it. Maybe I need another ladder to get out of the hole……

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