Why did I never do this before? Mom/Mum and Dad book folding


I had a request for a Mum and a Dad book folding template.  I have done Mum before but not a set.  And not sure I have done Dad (or indeed my preferred Mom) either! So I have done them as sets of four.

Mum has its own issues – the M and the u and the m all have straight upright letters in some fonts.  In order to make them readable without lots of inserted folded back pages (something I also get asked about a lot and recently replied to a comment regarding it with some untested but logical ideas) the font choice has to have serifs or be scripty.  These are four that I think will work:

Download MUM here

MOM is less an issue unless the O is squarish:

That lets me use a plainer font- the right top one would never work for MUM as it would all blend into a solid block without folded back pages! Download MOM here

Dad was easy and I think all of these (one which matches at least one the Moms or the Mums) will work:

Download DAD here

Hopefully that will give you something to do until I feel up to posting more often then once a month LOL!

7 thoughts on “Why did I never do this before? Mom/Mum and Dad book folding

  1. Wow, I have just stumbled onto your blog. I do “upcycling” for our public library bookshop and I bumbled my way through making some “Mom” and “Dad” books using photoshop earlier this year. I really wish I’d seen this post first — it would have saved me so much time! Can’t wait to read through your other bookfolding posts. Thanks!

  2. Could u help with a folding template for an electric guitar?

    • I’ve done the simpliest and most basic version – other images have the tuning pegs and other little tiny pieces that will make it harder to fold – but come back to me by replying to the email if you need something more detailed.

  3. trying to attach an image… not the guitar…by more like a violin! : )

  4. Hello again! I was wondering if you have time, would it be possible to get a pattern for a viola and possibly a separate one with musical notes??? Thanks so much!

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