Why did I never do this before? Mom/Mum and Dad book folding


I had a request for a Mum and a Dad book folding template.  I have done Mum before but not a set.  And not sure I have done Dad (or indeed my preferred Mom) either! So I have done them as sets of four.

Mum has its own issues – the M and the u and the m all have straight upright letters in some fonts.  In order to make them readable without lots of inserted folded back pages (something I also get asked about a lot and recently replied to a comment regarding it with some untested but logical ideas) the font choice has to have serifs or be scripty.  These are four that I think will work:

Download MUM here

MOM is less an issue unless the O is squarish:

That lets me use a plainer font- the right top one would never work for MUM as it would all blend into a solid block without folded back pages! Download MOM here

Dad was easy and I think all of these (one which matches at least one the Moms or the Mums) will work:

Download DAD here

Hopefully that will give you something to do until I feel up to posting more often then once a month LOL!

9 thoughts on “Why did I never do this before? Mom/Mum and Dad book folding

  1. Thank you for of all, first try with your “Dad” template. I tried with a book with total page number 352. I thought I counted correct your template of 176. With my silly math said 176 left and half that of 88 on each side. I have used almost half of my “folding” pages for the 1st D. I need the correct number of pages for the template. Or at least a formula. Please.

    • The information on counting pages is in a few places, but it is easily overlooked. I send out the following info with every template I email but it is not linked on every blog post that mentions templates. It IS in the Book Folding menu. Here it is, to save you hunting for it.

      This should help you get the count right!

      The numbered lines on the template (for those I email) DO NOT tell you how many pages you need for your template, they are to help with the counting. Be sure to go back to my blog post for info on how to calculate the page count. has links to two different posts for how to do this. Be careful to count the alternating folds correctly!

      Why I won’t tell you how many pages you need can be found here

      Pay particular attention to the difference between the NUMBERED PAGE COUNT (the numbers printed on the pages of the book, front of a page and back of a page) vs the LEAVES count (the number of pages counted where each leaf = two numbered pages)

      Good luck on try two. At least it was a short word 🙂

  2. Wow, I have just stumbled onto your blog. I do “upcycling” for our public library bookshop and I bumbled my way through making some “Mom” and “Dad” books using photoshop earlier this year. I really wish I’d seen this post first — it would have saved me so much time! Can’t wait to read through your other bookfolding posts. Thanks!

  3. Could u help with a folding template for an electric guitar?

    • I’ve done the simpliest and most basic version – other images have the tuning pegs and other little tiny pieces that will make it harder to fold – but come back to me by replying to the email if you need something more detailed.

  4. trying to attach an image… not the guitar…by more like a violin! : )

  5. Hello again! I was wondering if you have time, would it be possible to get a pattern for a viola and possibly a separate one with musical notes??? Thanks so much!

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