For the VERY forward thinking folk… 2018 to 2022 calendars +


Well.  This is going to seem excessive, unless you are a long-term planner.

One of my commenters, Kellie, IS planning for a life changing event, far in the future.  She likes my Doily calendar one-sheets and likes the idea of using them to count down to this event.  She asked, and while I am not one to think THAT far ahead, we had a chat and I decided it would actually benefit me too.  Once I create the basic calendar month blocks for any year, tweaking the fonts and such is relatively easy (well, at least if I am using monospaced fonts, but then I never do seem to do that!) Having it all sorted so far into the future means I can make calendars and one-sheets and focus on the decorative elements. So here they are!

Notice the blank sheets.  Kellie sent me a photo of her planning board and from looking at that I though hat blank sheets could be very helpful.  So I made corresponding sheets with only the date on them.  By printing one and then setting the top margin on her printer (or, low tech version, loading the top of the file with however many line feeds/returns to make the printing start below the doily decor) she (YOU) can print all sorts of things – check lists, ToDo lists, major milestones achieved , etc.

There are slight variations in the layout of the doilies and the fonts for the months are mostly different.  I probably could have changed the year to match the month but I liked it better the same as the days font.

If you are a planner person, you can easily print these on smaller paper, your printer will just scale them down.  I think there should be enough on the side for hole punching.

Anyway, I hope they are useful.  You can download the whole set, 2018 thru 2022, calendar one-sheets and blank pages (about 6 mb) HERE!


6 thoughts on “For the VERY forward thinking folk… 2018 to 2022 calendars +

  1. I am so excited to have found these again for 2020 & 2021!!!!! — I have been using them for at least the past 3 years
    Thank you!

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  3. Hi love your calendars and have used your Pretty Circles for the past 4 years. Just wondered if you would be kind enough to do them again for 2019 ! Many thanks.

  4. Very nice! Will be taping the annual pages inside my XL Moleskin monthly planner for some zest and color. Thank you!

  5. Thank-you for making these lovely calendars that you have generously passed along to us. Thank-you also for making them Sunday-Saturday format. So many calendars today are Monday-Sunday format and many of us still put the Lord’s Day (Sunday) at the first of our week. M <.

  6. Seriously in love!!! I can’t thank you enough all the way of Victoria, Australia. These sheets will be hanging up in my walk in robe as future board of planning. Will send you photo when I have them up.

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