Just a few Xmas tags for 2017


I tend to design things I need then share.  Here is a sheet of Xmas tags for you.  Hopefully you will find them useful!

You can download them here.

There are a few different styles so hopefully one of them will appeal! If not, I do have a ton of Xmas stuff in the menu under Freebies & Project Life Printables at the top.  Lots of tags there – here are a few (links to all, and more, in the menu link):

There are also some ornaments, a few cards, and more.

And although I showed this as a holder for swapping ATCs, I think it words perfectly as a gift card holder.  You can find the post on Twisted Cards here and here. You can see in the second link how to adjust the folding to accommodate a sideways card, which would pretty much equal a gift card.


4 thoughts on “Just a few Xmas tags for 2017

  1. thank you!

  2. Hello! I have been downloading your book fold patterns for a while now. I have taught myself via all your great instructions!!! Thank you so much for all of that!!! I do have a question/possible request. I have been searching for a horse, any type, and or a horseshoe, but have not come across anything. Have I missed that? or may I request one? Thanks so much!

  3. Lovely post.
    Went back to your previous posts ref atc holders….clever!
    Thank you for all the goodies today. I suppose the round labels could be adjusted to fit a round punch……… fun times ahead!
    Thanks again.

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