2018 and 2019 plain PL cards, as requested


Jess commented that she liked the Doily PL cards because they had a larger font.  Perhaps they are more readable without the large decoration, and it is easy to REMOVE something and re-create the PDF, so here they are:

Download 2018 version HERE


Download 2019 version HERE!

I also centred them in the middle of the card.  They could be enhanced by:

  • trimming a scant border and mounting them on patterned paper or coloured cardstock
  • trimming them with decorative scissors, maybe only top or bottom, and mounting on card
  • dusting distress ink around the edges
  • adding a stamped or sticker border top and/or bottom

You could also create a larger calendar with them by mounting the cards onto a much larger piece, with more room to decorate!

Be sure to check back on my calendar projects page for other ideas with 3×4 cards. This shows a larger calendar block but could easily be adapted to use cards like these:


8 thoughts on “2018 and 2019 plain PL cards, as requested

  1. Love your calendars but I wish that I could alter the margins to have a larger space at the top to stamp or decorate with washi tape. Thanks

    • I do make what I call DIY “Decorate it Yourself” versions of the blank PL sized calendars. is the 2019 set but I take your point that there isn’t a ton of space at the TOP. It is easy enough to shift them down so all the extra space is at the top rather than split between the top and the bottom. Likewise it is easy to remove the lines and let people cut them so the block of text floats. People can then alter the size and the placement of the text just by cutting. I may have time to do that later today – it’ll take me longer to compose the post than it will to make the changes 🙂 – so keep an eye out…

  2. Hi I love your CD calendars that you make. I am interested rested in your plain set but would like a larger margin on the top to stamp. Can you tell me how you make these calendars each year? So that. I can make my own version for myself?

    • I use a Mac-only program called Intaglio. I first create the month blocks that are specific to the year I am making, then create each “sheet” sized to fit a CD holder. It isn’t something that I can just tell you how to do it. Explain a little more about what you want and I can probably alter something I already have to work. It might be easy enough to just make a set with no cutting lines so you can cut the sheet with bigger spaces at the top! LMK in a comment.

  3. Lovely designs! I really like that font on the 2018 calendar, would you be willing to share the font name?

  4. Some great ideas as usual MaryAnne


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