Calendar Post – One-sheets in English, Spanish and French


It has been a while since I’ve done calendars in foreign languages.  I mentioned that I thought making ones that could mix and match would be a nice idea so I went ahead and did it.

So here is what you can do.

Pick your top&bottom design.  Here are the choices:


Download the 6-page PDF here.

Next, download the calendar that you want to use.

There are font variations in these two:

If you want Sunday to Saturday 2018 calendars CLICK HERE.

If you want Sunday to Saturday 2019 calendars CLICK HERE.

For the foreign language ones there is a single font choice for each year.

If you want Sunday to Saturday SPANISH calendars (2018 AND 2019) CLICK HERE.

If you want Sunday to Saturday FRENCH calendars (2018 AND 2019) CLICK HERE.

Because my research tells me French calendars are traditionally Monday to Sunday, I did a M to S version in French.

If you want FRENCH (MONDAY TO SUNDAY) 2018 calendar CLICK HERE

I sorted out the little error – the blocks were correct but the day strip was Sunday to Saturday.  All fixed!

Once you have the files, print the background sheet, slip that printed page into your printer and print the calendar blocks on THAT. Or the other way around, as you prefer.

You can select A4, US letter, A5, whatever.  They should work.  But get back to me if they don’t!

We have a visitor for the next few weeks, and many more Dr. appointments, so hopefully this will keep you busy, playing with the variations. If there is enough interest and I have the time, I might sort out a Monday to Sunday version.


9 thoughts on “Calendar Post – One-sheets in English, Spanish and French

  1. Yes, you pretty much ROCK!!! I’m a high school Spanish teacher and I am SO excited to have just found the Spanish version to print for display behind my desk my classroom… and for a co-worker as well. THANK YOU so much…. or shall I say… MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!!!

  2. Thank You! I prefer Mon-Sun week, but also the French version is Sun-Sat, just to let you know. Thanks for your work!

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  4. Thanks so much for creating these and sharing MaryAnne – they will be great for our office gifts thais year. If you do have enough interest and find the time an English Monday to Sunday version would be very much appreciated. Take care and best of luck with all your appointments 💞

  5. Beautiful! Thank you so much! ❤

  6. They are beautiful! Thank you!!

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