Cheap planner? Ha!


Well, I ordered another cheap planner from an online shopping site called Wish.  We use the sister site, Geek for cheap technology items like charging cables and robot vacuums (and DD loves the other sibling site Cute for hair accessories etc) and have very rarely been disappointed.  The shipping takes forever, usually, and so long as you actually read the description carefully, it is usually a good shopping experience.

I saw the listing and thought Great! a 2nd planner would be lovely.

Actually, this is one of about 20 listings for the same planner.  Mine was £4, not £7.  Anyway, I selected the A5 size, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches (or 148mm x 210mm)  and what I got isn’t even remotely that size.  It’s more like not QUITE 7.5 x 5. And the internal 6 rings are not spaced the same as the Filofax hole-punch.

I am in the process of trying to re-size my printable planner pages so I can use it at all – that is the good thing about being the designer LOL! I actually rather like the smaller size.

On a side note, they do sell some nice dies for very cheap prices.

You usually have to look for an image that shows the number of each item but sometimes it doesn’t have that.  I usually email their customer service and get the info back fairly quickly.  You can see the shipping price by clicking SHIPPING. This one is £1.  So for £2 you can get a set of 7 circle dies, from over 4 inches down, similar to Spellbinders.  Most of the reviews say they cut fine, but I’d happily risk £2 to find out! 


I was also playing around with some design elements and a trio of 2017/18/19 one sheet calendars. Might as well add them a I’ve already made the slow, difficult trip up the stairs to my Mac. The  seemingly missing lines (look at Feb in 2017) is a weird artifact of the on-screen PDF.  It should NOT be that way when printed.




Again, I have been thinking of interesting ways to make these more usable.  I might end up making the centre section, with the month blocks, available as a download and either leave it so you can decorate the top and bottom to match whatever planner you have, or offer a mix&match set of top&bottoms so you print the date block you like then over-print the decorative elements.

What do you think?  Good idea? I think I have two versions of each year, although at this point I imagine 2017 isn’t really useful, so I would maybe aim to offer 3 each of 2018 and 2019.


4 thoughts on “Cheap planner? Ha!

  1. Well crazy me has to wonder “What is the catch” on free dies.?

  2. I dont know who is worse at ‘enabling’ me to spend you or Shaz!! Great tips though, I use a 5×7 filofax (had it for YEARS) and love the smaller size.
    Also great tip about GEEK thanks, my external hard drive has either died or the power cable is not working (SO hoping the latter) so will check them out for a cable first, thanks.

  3. Hello Maryanne,
    thank you for all your shares, the calendars are superb! Have you ever tried Aliexpress? dies, stamps, mask and other supplies are even cheaper than Wish, and no shipping costs! However, it is very useful to check the dimensions, because in China, everything is small .. like the price! have a nice day,

    • I have tried it before but it won’t allow me to pay via PayPal for some reason and I prefer that to giving my CC number 🙂 For that reason I do like Wish better. Although the no shipping is news to me – unless it was a big order. Might look again…. THANKS.

      And small, oh yes! DD loved a pair of shoes she saw, we tried them and they were way WAY too small. She always need two pairs (due to her brace being much bigger than her other foot without the brace is) and they get pretty expensive if you have to buy two pairs every time!

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