Leafy watercolour planner

It takes me ages to do anything lately but I have been slowly playing around with a new planner.   I think this one is going to be the one I will use, so I’ve just been plugging away at it steadily.  As I made it, I’ll share it.

First thing is possibly useful for lots of people.  This is a three-year run of yearly One Sheets. Use them for planners (print as A5 or 8×5) or print as A4/US letter and stick them on your wall:




Then I have the weekly planner pages, two to a sheet.  Cut in half and hole-punch. There are four colourways, salmon, peach. blue and dusty purple.   Just to keep it interesting. The blank area by Week Of?  I thought it would be a nice place for a small photo, or a place to clip or staple something like a business card.

Then there are the monthly sheets, across two pages. Some variation in colours.  Again, cut in half and hole punch the outside edges then shift so the days are in order. I stressed so much over these, so if there is an error in them do let me know!

Then, for those who need it, there are the Daily Diabetic sheets. Also in four colours, and two-a-page.



Next, the hourly planner page and the Notes page.  These are as single pages so you can pick which pages you will print them on the back of.  You can print them as A5/8×5 size OR as A4/US letter.  Just select the size in your printer dialog box.

Nearly done! A couple of pages of bits – print them on sticker paper if you like.

These tabs are for the months, and there are some with useful words or phrases.  Use them as tabs, or cut them in half and use as regular stickers.

These arrows and flags can be used anyway you like!

So there you go.  Hope they are useful and do let me know what you think.

I did spend some time organizing my planner bits in a top menu, so any old ones are up there, in case you were looking….