Planner pages – to go with the mandala calendar


I have been working on a new planner for myself.  To go along with the Mandala birthday calendar, sort of.

One page that I have used over the last year or so is a blood sugar level monitoring page.  I’ve always controlled my tendency towards diabetes thru diet and exercise, especially since the heart attack. To keep myself on track, much better than just relying on the 3-month HbA1C, I track things using this page.  I’ve updated the design to go with the mandalas.

I have a Huawei smart watch that I use to track my steps.  I find that making note of my steps thru the day helps me stick to my 10,000 step per day target. I note the time I spend on the treadmill as Exercise.

Unfortunately I have some sort of inflammation making me weak in my large muscle groups at the moment, which is wreaking havoc with my ability to exercise. So my BSL has become more important to track at the moment. And if the treatment for whatever ails me is steroids (hands up if that made you say Oh no!) it’ll be even MORE critical.

Weak or not, one thing I can manage is sitting in front of my Mac! So I figured I would go ahead and tweak a few of my planner pages so they work together.  I know some people like a jumble of pages from various planner styles, I do too, but I figured I might as well make a few to match.

I did the 2017 and 2018 year-at-a-glance ones – and I had already created the .jpg before I noticed the bottom row of mandalas were misaligned. DOH! Fixed now…

I made a set of monthly calendar pages:

The apparently-mistaken ordering is intentional, as most printers automatically create a wide upper and lower edge border.  Flipped as these are, they print so the holes can be punched for two facing pages, to fit an A5/8×5 planner! The downside is they don’t work for people who use an A4 notebook sideways. Sorry. Do be careful when printing on the back, if you decide too do so.

I did a weekly pair too, which could be printed and used full-sheet sideways:

and that file has a bunch of colours:

As always, I learned a few things while creating these.

So, if any of these appeal to you, feel free to grab them:

Year at a Glance for 2017 and 2018.  Two to a page.

Month sheets for 2018 only. If you want 2017 month sheets, check out the post here for some mix&match pages to print

Weekly Planner Pages – 10 colours.

Daily Diabetic Tracker pages – seven colours, x2 so two weeks of sheets at a time.

Every person I know uses their planner in a totally different way, and uses totally different sheets. For example, I have zero interest in trying to plan my cleaning/housework or my yoga schedule, or my kid’s sports events.  So I don’t make pages for that sort of thing.  I prefer the week at a glance pages for overall organization, and I probably would use the monthly sheets rarely and the birthday ones not at all.  But that’s just me.

One thing to note is that these are all one-sided prints.  I tend to use the blank backs of the pages for notes or  a daily hour-by-hour list.  Here are those two files.  

Daily Planner (hour by hour)

Notes page

And just in case it is useful, a sheet with Notes and Hours

Well.  That should keep you busy for a while.


7 thoughts on “Planner pages – to go with the mandala calendar

  1. What printer would you recommend for using heavier stock paper or cardstock? My paper/cardstock jams when I use these materials. Thanks! Hope you feel better soon.

    • This confuses me. By “these materials” do you mean the printables? They would have no impact on your printer, it would be the paper you chose to print them on that is causing the problem. I have a Canon but it’s old. I would just check to make sure whatever printer you buy can take the weight of paper you want to print on! Or check that you totally cleared any previous jams. If there is paper still stuck inside it will make everything jam, no matter the weight!

      Good luck!

  2. Could you do seated cardio exercises? I have several people who have MS or knee issues and such, and I teach a combo yoga and seated Zumba gold class. That way, if they cannot walk due to their gait/leg issues, they can still get their heart rate up for about 20-25 minutes. It is about an equivalent of a 1.5 mile walk. Check out my youtube channel yogawithgaileee and look for the seated dance fitness routines. I think I have a couple of playlists there too of some of my other favorite instructors who also teach this format.

    Love the BSL tracker! I’m going to print out and send to my FIL.


    • Thanks for the info. My mom lives in a retirement community and she does what they call chair aerobics there. My dad should but doesn’t :). She swears by it so I’ll def. have a look!

  3. I had no idea you were having health issues. Prayers for you.
    ps. do look into Turmeric. It is great for inflammation.

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