Decorate it yourself birthday calendars, 2 styles


Having fun with this!  So I’ve done two versions.  Most of the birthday calendars I see are long and thin.  Fair enough, but it really doesn’t leave a lot of scope for decoration.  When printed, the thin version leaves you with just about 2 inches x just over 2 1/2 inches.  I made it, but probably not what I would use. You can download that one here. I think topping it with scraps of pretty scrapbooking paper would work nicely and if you print it on the plain-ish side of double-sided cardstock then just top it with another scrap it would look nice with little effort.  I may end up making a sample of that, just for fun, and to show you how it would look.


What I think is preferable, is the half-sheet version.  I split the days into two columns, and that leaves you with at least 3×5 inches of decoration space.

Note that I made February just one sheet but denoted the leap day in red.

These will print two to a page and you can cut them in half, just like the thinner version. Or you can fold them in half and stick the blank backs together to form a booklet.

Download the 6 sheet PDF here

BUT, and it is a big BUT (I like big buts and I cannot lie… tee hee) if you know how your printer works and you know how to load the paper so the print on the reverse of the sheet is oriented correctly, these two PDF will allow you to print and create a little folded book of birthdays. I use the rear tray, as I know the pages have to be rotated and flipped a certain way for it to work.  So long as you use reasonable weight cardstock you won’t see the printing on the reverse thru the paper.

Part 1 – January and Notes, March and December, May and October, July and August

Part 2 – Notes and February, November and April, September and June

The first page, January and Notes, form the first and last pages, with the blank backs forming the front and back cover.  Here is what you will end up with:

January  Notes  –>> bank on the back

March  December –>> Notes and February

May  October –>>  November  April

July  August  –>> September  June

You can print the sheets one at a time but again, you need to know your printer! I think this version would be super cute as a gift, a little nicer than just the loose sheets.

7 thoughts on “Decorate it yourself birthday calendars, 2 styles

  1. Brilliant. Such a wonderful idea. I cannoe wait to print out your pdf you kindly offered. Thank you so very much.

    Aside: Would you make tiny banner type stickers to attach to an existing calendar? Birthday and/or Anniversary.

    Happy thoughts,
    New York

  2. I love all the birthday calendars! You took my request and ran with it, and they are great! If I could add one thing to the awesome bunch you’ve created, it would be a color it yourself mandala or something on the newest, half sheet version. Thank you so much!

    • Funny you should mention that set in particular. I started making the thin version with the mandalas, but then thought they would be too small. I have already begun making the half sheet ones 😀

  3. You should be able to print it as if your printer didn’t have that function 🙂

    I could combine the part 1 and part two but without knowing the specifics of every printer out there it would be likely to go horribly wrong. Sorry – I try to design for as many people as I can, so designing for specific printers isn’t practical.

    If you tell me the exact layout of the PDF you require, if it turns out that is the industry standard, then I can take that into account when I create things. Shuffling pages isn’t a huge effort for something that is useable by loads of printers – but it would be if there were 15 different layouts LOL!

  4. to make a booklet my printer has to have it as 1 total PDF its a canon 363

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