2018 and 2019 Doily One-sheets


Here are the 2018 and 2019 Doily one sheets.


I had a request via a comment for Birthday calendars. I’ve never done one before but would happily do so if there was  a need.  I’ve seen many available for download, once I started looking for them – so the questions is, do my calendars add anything to the mix?  I’m not sure.  There might be people who like my style and who want to have a whole range of items with the same design.  If that’s you let me know. Maybe I’ll have a play!



19 thoughts on “2018 and 2019 Doily One-sheets

  1. Love this, esp the bright colors! Could you please do a 2020 one? TIA!

  2. Hi, I would love 2020 2021 2022 happy to pay for them if you like.

    • I don’t really do paid-for work. While I’ll probably eventually do those years it wouldn’t be for a while 🙂 I’ll have to think about it.

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  4. These are awesome! What font is this?

  5. Can these be printed to be 4 x 6?

  6. Love these! What font did you use on the month titles in 2018?t

    • I think they are both from a font bundle I purchased from Inky Deals. I’ll have a look and let you know. But I am pretty sure they won’t be free ones. 😦

  7. Thank you for making this possible!!

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  10. A birthday calendar would be so nice!! Give as gifts to those that might enjoy being on top of things, a package of cards and stamps and the calendar. There… Christmas gifts done!!

  11. Birthday calendar in your style fantastic

  12. Sounds good. You are just so good to do this.

  13. These are great. Thank you.
    No idea what a birthday calendar is so can’t comment about that.

  14. A Birthday Calendar would be great.

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