Bad blogger! and 2018 One-sheets


Well, we have a respite from visitors for a bit.  Lovely as it is to have them, it is disruptive.

There has been a lot going on, but I perhaps do a nice overview post at some point, when I find the time. But for now, just a couple of things.

Yes, I am still sending out book folding templates, but you need to know two things:

I cannot fit a particular template to a particular book.  There are people who do that but they will charge you.  I make the template, you count the folds, and find a book to fit.

Why I won’t tell you how many pages you need can be found here 

Next, I got a request for One Sheet calendars for 2018.  Here are a couple.  I did make them both portrait and landscape.  Some people use them for small planners, some for A4/US Letter ones and some use them upright and some sideways.  Remember that the PDFs should resize to fit any size paper.  So if you tick A5 and tick Scale to Fit in your print dialog box, it should print on a half sheet, if you load half sheets in the printer. Bear in mind the text will be small.

The multi-coloured one

Horizontal (landscape)

Vertical (portrait)


The colourful block one

Horizontal (landscape)

Vertical (portrait)


The leafy circles

Horizontal (landscape)

Vertical (portrait)

Hope they prove useful!

11 thoughts on “Bad blogger! and 2018 One-sheets

  1. Thanks for this, it has been my favorite this year. Any chance you can update for 2019? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for these. I used the multi-colored horizontal and vertical calendars for my Mom’s planner binder and for my sister’s A5 planner. Both are my DIY gifts to them. I’m hoping that those planners will help them organize and manage their time, needless to say, their busy life. Thank you for your kindness. #LoveFromThePhilippines

  3. Thank you so much! I love the year on one-page option.

  4. Bless you for this ❤

  5. Darn, I can’t get the multi-color one to print right. I tried first in landscape but it wasn’t centered so part of it was cut off, and the vertical one got cut off on the bottom too, just barely, but half of the year is gone. And the days of the week are barely visible.

    • It will be a choice in your printer dialog box, I’m sure. You might need to rotate it 90 degrees or select scale to fit maybe? It’s hard to know without looking over your shoulder 🙂

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  7. Thank you so much for these x

  8. You are so kind to do this. Thanks.

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