CD calendar resized for 2017 and a Christmas surprise!


I had a request for one of my oldest calendars to be updated.  The commenter particularly wanted the three sizes, as before. This was great, because I had been thinking that I had lost a function when I upgraded my Mac OS but it turns out they just moved it!  I hate that.  When we lived in the city, every freakin’ day M&S seemed to move stuff to a new place.  I’d dash in, with a kid or two in tow, rush right to where the milk was the day before and it would be…bacon, or cheese, or fruit.  You just never knew.

But I digress….turns out the ability to automatically resize things by “printing” then saving as a PDF is still there, just not where it used to be.

So full-size for a CD case 2017cdframe_fullsize


Smaller, 4 to a sheet


Smaller still, 8 to a sheet2017cdframe_smallest

And now, I thought you might like to see what one commenter, Melanie, made!  So cute – this is the one I really wanted to do myself but haven’t had the time!



I can see what I planned, putting a red pompom in the nose area, will work perfectly.  If I could figure out how to add a bulb, maybe a battery operated one, I would love that!

Here is the template again for anyone who wants to give it a go.  And this is what it looks like:


8 thoughts on “CD calendar resized for 2017 and a Christmas surprise!

  1. Hello,
    I know this was posted a whole ago.

    But I’ve just printed it and counted how many pages I will need. It seems a lot, so I just wanted to check, roughly how many pages do you think the reindeer needs?
    Thanks ☺️

    • I never count the pages. So in all honesty I have no idea! All I can say is count 3 times and see if you get 2 the same. Read the post on how to count and make sure you are doing the process right. Remember, alternating folds will bump up the count by a lot if there are many thing that share a plane – like the antlers over the ears over the cheek! Your count may seem a lot but it might also be right!

  2. Is it possible to get the calendar pages for 2018 so i can start working on my Christmas presents for this year?

  3. Wonderful calendars!! So helpful–was looking for just this size (the 4 to a page) Thank You so much!!

  4. Hi. Would it be possible for you to send me a pattern for semper fi in milk script or Pacifico? Would be so thankful.

  5. Thanks for always posting such neat and helpful items.

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