a few Christmas folds


I have been playing around with these.  Not folded any of them, so caveat emptor. Download the actual PDF, don’t use the .jpg display images you see on the screen!

These are likely to work as straight folds.



Simple tree


A Present – this one might be a little more challenging with the alternating folds, but I think it will come up nice.

These might be best as Cut & Folds



Rudolph this is the one I would fold first, just cause it is so darn cute.


Simple Swirl


Ornate tree – pretty complex, this one. Not for beginners but if you do it I would love to see it!

and finally, one to make my crop-mates smile.


Balls – I think the counting lines hide the fact there are at least two straight lines from bow to ball.  I might just add two more and increase the count by two.

I repeat, I have not folded or cut&folded any of these.  They should work in theory, but no way to be sure until you fold them.  And if you do, SHARE with me so I can share with the rest.


13 thoughts on “a few Christmas folds

  1. I apologize, I previously requested 2 templates. One with Trujillo and the other to say 307. Is there anyway you would be able to resend them to me as my phone had to be factory reset? I’m sorry!

    • SOOO lucky! Usually after I create the templates I trash them. I save ones I think might be useful in the future but to be fair, yours seemed fairly specific 🙂 But I did put them in my saved folder and they are on their way to you again…..

  2. How many pages are needed for the Rudolph?

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  4. Hello! I love your work. Would you be able to make a personalized template for me? I’m not quite sure how to make it myself.

  5. I’ve been searching and searching all day for a Dream or Strength template for book folding. I used your Read one and it turned out lovely. could you help me out with the other two?

  6. Those are great. Will have to try one. You always have such good ideas. I was wondering if you can think of something special in a book template. My parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary in Dec ( that’s a long, long time to be with someone ☺) and I wanted to do something for them just not sure what. Let me know if you come up with something.

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