Planner Calendars?


I had an email request for one of my calendars, one month across two pages, for a planner.  I didn’t have all the info I needed, so I made an assumption that it was for a 6×8 inch planner, for the purposes of testing out an immediate idea.  I was looking for a quick way to do it, and the iPhoto calendar method (where I “print” the blank calendar but save it as a PDF then edit it) seemed like a great idea.

There is a bit of work involved to set up a sort of template, so the page prints with a split in the middle, and with whatever decorative elements I want at the top, so it takes time, but it isn’t difficult.  I like the fact there is the little previous and next month blocks, and the Modern Lines calendar has space to write appointments (well, a few of them per day but not a lot!) and I was able to add a NOTES section to the side.

Here are two samples I am playing with:


january_doily januarylace2017

The holes would get punched in the middle, so the two pages lay side-by-side.  To create a single page month would be MUCH faster.

There would be no way to easily change the font, although it would certainly be quite easy to hide the original one for the month and year and overlay a nicer one, like so:


I wouldn’t go to all the effort of changing al the text, because I think the readability of a calendar is important, but the extra pop of a pretty font for the month word lifts it a bit.

So I’m curious – is this appealing at all?  Drop me a comment and LMK.


11 thoughts on “Planner Calendars?

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  2. Love the calendars that you had on your site. Would love a whole year of them. Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. can you do a whole year of the lace month on 2 pages

  4. Love them. The font is great. Do you do them with the full month on a 11×8?

  5. I love your creation

  6. Very nice. I like both and would be interested. You are very talented.

    Ronna Crowley

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Good idea to change the font of the month, it is more fun!

  8. I love the one month per page A4 size if you can do one at all x

    • Now see? when people say “planner” I NEVER think A4/US letter full sheet, only the Filofax style smaller ones! The A4 size is super easy to do 🙂

      You should email me so we can chat about the design……

      • Replied thank you honey.
        I like little ones I can fit on my desk but the hubby like the big wall ones he can hang next to his computer. What is it with men and having to have everything bigger lol

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