A pretty lace calendar for 2017 – English and French!


You may recall that I often make foreign language calendars.  It can be a struggle – especially when an internet source has a mis-spelled word or a wrong translation, which has happened more than once to me – but I try to do at least a couple of them, usually French and Spanish.  The biggest pain is that the foreign language versions more often than not use the Monday to Sunday set up.  I have always used the Sunday to Monday version.  Having said that, when I was working, I tended to use my desk calendar from a Monday as the beginning of the WORK week.  More on that later…

So here is the English version, Sunday to Monday.


And here is the French version, Monday to Saturday


It’s likely I will make a Spanish and English Monday to Sunday version at some point.  Is a Spanish Sunday to Monday version a thing?  if so, better comment or I probably won’t bother to make one 🙂


As I have mentioned, and the reason for my absence here, I have moved house.  I have unearthed some odd artifacts from my working life.  I found a couple of cartoons that a friend in the mailroom (me and the boys had a regular lunchtime date to play Hearts whenever there were enough of us around.  I got used to the 11:50 phone call to let me know if we were on or not) drew for me.  This one was after he spied me reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


and this one I forget what prompted it – probably just the name similarity, despite the mis-spelling:


The other thing was a certificate for my membership in the Visual Lunacy Society (stamp company) from an engineer I used to do research for.


Note the date:


Funny what you find and keep re-finding but don’t pitch in the bin!  I think I’ll hold on to them for a little longer…

10 thoughts on “A pretty lace calendar for 2017 – English and French!

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  2. Hello MaryAnn, a english version from monday to sunday would be great. I live in Germany and I like your calendars so much but we have the weeks from monday to sunday. Your calendars are so great! Thanks for all the work with the calendars! Best wishes Susanne

  3. bonjour , merci d avoir fais un calendrier français c’est vraiment beau ce que vous faite

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  5. Hello MaryAnn,
    Contente de vous revoir, et super merci d’avoir fait un calendrier français ! quel plaisir, il est magnifique et me permettra de commencer à préparer les petits cadeaux de fin d’année.. eh oui.. on s’approche doucement et le temps file si vite !
    Un déménagement permet de retrouver ce qu’on avait oublié, des petits trésors qui font partie de notre vie..
    Avec toute mon amitié et en vous souhaitant une bonne continuation,

  6. Hi MaryAnn,
    Long time no hear, looks like we have both been off-air for a time 😬. Hope all is good with the family and the new abode.
    Love the Lacey calendar, thanks for sharing. Would appreciate an English Mon-Sun if you get a chance, but more than happy with this one if you’re pushed for time.
    Treasure your keepsakes, they form part of your journey 💖
    Take care and talk soon, Jx

  7. Some things are worth keeping if only for the happy memories.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. thank you for sharing so many things. And special thanks for this so elegant calendar in french that i will surely use very soon.

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