2017 Tear-off calendars

Stuck in the house with the electrician.  He’s updating the very, very old electrical box in the kitchen.  The good thing about having a house that used to be two houses is there are two electrical supplies.   So he is happily working away, with the power off, in House One, while I am happily working, with the power on, in House 2!  I am awaiting return calls from a number of workmen, and some emails from a few painter/decorator types.  Before I steel myself to go down and attack the mildew left behind once the washer and dryer were removed (ugh!) I thought I would add this set of 2017 tear-offs.  At 2 x 2 inches, I hope they will be useful.


You can download them here.

So I don’t have a printer yet, and I can’t print them to verify it’s all good.  Sometimes I will see something that looks wrong on my monitor but is fine when it prints, like the lines under the day strip.  Sometimes they LOOK like one or two are a bit fatter on screen but when I print they are OK.  No matter, really, as they are tear offs, you are only going to see one at a time so if a line is slightly thicker it probably doesn’t matter, it just bugs ME LOL!

No putting off the mildew any longer….. ugh.