The doily calendar – in 2 inch circles

I was feeling a little  annoyed because one of my last tasks before we get the keys was to wash two plastic tubs of curtains that we brought over from the States 16 years ago.  We finally have a place to use them!  But the Great British Weather is simply not cooperating.  The skies are grey and I know that as soon as I start the wash cycle, the heavens will open.  The curtains really need to be hung to dry and sunshine would be a bonus.  But then I remembered that I still had a request outstanding from Michele for the doily calendar as 2 inch circle.  I had done a set for her previously, but that was a few Apple OS versions ago.  It wasn’t a huge hassle to convert these but it also wasn’t as easy as it has been in the past!

In order to get the text as big as possible, given the limited space, I ended up re-orienting them slightly – and I changed a couple of the colours so the text was more visible over the doily.  Ended up with these:


You can download them here.

I printed a previous version – I usually do print them to identify anything that I want to fix – with the idea I would punch them as well.  Yeah. Right. I looked to the side, to where my 2″ circle punch has been living for YEARS, and…nothing.  I looked to the other side and saw…


Oh dear.  But Wait!  what is that, in the top box, right there and easy to get to? Miracle of miracles, MY 2 INCH PUNCH!


Ha HA!


So you can maybe see that the doilies are slightly differently placed to the image above.  That was one of the things that annoyed me a bit, so I fixed it.

These might be good on a card, or as an addition to a larger background.  You could chop off the top edge and turn them into a tear-off by adding the line of glue along the top edge of a stack. Maybe a bunch of other things too.  If you do use them, share a photo.  If you email it to me I might post it, so do say if that is not what you want.

OK so now I have a few phone calls to make.  See you back here after the move – and when ever internet in the new house gets sorted.  I am going to try calling BT from the line in the house that they are giving me trouble over – hopefully that will sort things.  Finger crossed.