Yes, I am still here….READ book folding templates

Hi all,

I have been knee-deep in packing boxes, busy de-cluttering our lives, in preparation for the move.  Oddly, the new house is bigger than the one we are in now, but the layout is such that things will need to fit in differently.  It’s a challenge.

But I did get a comment from a teacher, Wendy, who said she might be interested in doing a book folding project with her students, using the word READ. I had done a couple of READs before, but that was also before I started really s t r e t c h i n g the words out, so when folded they still looked nice and fat. So I’ve done a new set, using many of my favourite fonts. More plain than scripty, but be careful!  Some of the “plain” ones are actually more complex than you might think.  Count carefully, using one of the methods I suggest here. And while you are at it, take a look at the post that explains why I won’t tell you how many pages you need for your book folding.

The PDF, which has seven versions, one per page, can be downloaded here. Here is a look at the fonts.


You might see a slight ghost of the overlapped areas when viewing the PDF on the screen.  That should not happen once you print it.

Have fun with them and I hope they are useful.  Back to packing…..