WOYWW 351 – lots of stuff


Hello WOYWWers! I very nearly didn’t even try to take part this week, cause I am struggling with time, but I figure I have to just try to make time for the things I love.  So here’s me, tryin’…

I have a few things on my desk, and my desktop.


I was making a template for a cut&fold book, cause I am still just a huge fangirl of TWD.  Yes, even at my age…  There is also the cut&fold I did yesterday, adding to my Me as a stencil and Me as a stamp collection.  A closer look:


Of more interest, probably, are the flowers.  It seems to be a thing to decorate folded books with the kusudama flowers.  I’ve made the standard version but they take AGES, lots of folding, etc.  I have an easy version bookmarked, that creates a quicker, but still effective flower.

They end up looking like this


But I went on and experimented further with making the flowers using a number of different Nestie shapes, as well as the 4-petal version:

There are a few tricks to the scallop and spikey circle versions, which I will share probably tomorrow. But for today, I will just say Happy WOYWW and hope to get round for a few visits at lunch! I wonder what I will see?  Oh the antici……………….pation!

21 thoughts on “WOYWW 351 – lots of stuff

  1. any chance you can send me TWD pattern?

  2. YOu are just wonderful. Thank you for ALL the templates. I have printed LOVE and alphabets. I’ll post pictures when I can make one. Right now, I’m still busy at work. God bless you! Take care..

  3. Yowwzers…that is seriously raising the bar with your latest book folding! Amazing.
    Off to watch the video
    kyla #6

  4. Hiho, Maryanne! Love your paper folding and all your projects with it. Thanks for sharing them. xoxo, Aimeslee #52

  5. Oh it’s great to see you! The folded book MA is amazing, really clever and such a good idea! Love how you’ve run away with the flower idea, so you! Your desk looks tidy, I hope you’re not mojo-less with everything else going on.

  6. Another WD fan here too. Love that cut and folded book of you–so cool! The flowers are really neat and you get such a nice variety using the different die cut shapes as a starting point. PJ #63

  7. so glad we can all see your Folded Me again here!! The flower is gorgeous! Hope you get to Make It, have fun and we’ll compare goodies next week! Helen #2

  8. Your flowers are so beautiful… but that book – cut and fold? – it just blew me away – it’s fantastic love LOve LOVE it!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday
    Bubbles #36 WOYWW

  9. Hi Mary Anne, love the book. So much patience you have! I see you are a walking Dead fan too, so is Beloved Hubby. Those flowers are amazing-love how the die changes the petal shape. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #12 xx

  10. That book is so cool! I love it.
    I must admit to be a late-coming Walking Dead fan. My 24 yr old son made me watch it once i quit work. I never had the time before as it was on past my bedtime (had to get up at 4 in the morning). Must admit to being addicted now lol.
    Gorgeous flowers!

    Sharon K #47

  11. I DO love that book – you are SO clever – What are you going to do with TWD poster? I also LOVE the show and I am older I am sure. Have a great week – soojay 14

  12. My goodness, Mary Anne. You have been BUSY!!! Fun looking project there – and the flowers are just gorgeous. Well done you.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #40

  13. Fascinating projects, Maryanne! Your face made out of book pages – just amazing! I think it was your blog that first introduced me to WOYWW a couple of years ago! zsuzsa #38

  14. WOW, just wow!!
    Bookmarked the flowers to come back for another look and watch later – all just so amazing!

    Happy WOYWW
    #31 unless Mr Linky has changed it!

  15. Wow, that book folding is very impressive. It’s been a while since I visited. Haven’t had the time to get round as many desks as I’d like of late. Here’s to us both managing a few more this week.

  16. those flowers are dead drop gorgeous. happy woyww Vicky#3

  17. Hello lovely gal! Thanks for dropping by my desk…good to see you again, hope you’re ok. I’ve always loved origami (don’t ask me why cos I sure don’t have the patience to do it!) and am intrigued to see how the shape of the die transforms into the different flower petals. It’s like magic!! I really love them 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  18. The cut and fold is exquisite, I love doing that kusudama flower but never thought to use other shapes, well done
    Bridget #8

  19. Love all your creative ideas especially the new flowers.

  20. Wow that book art looks so fancy that you where able to do a photo that and your flowers are a labour of love hugs Nikki 9

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